Erika Jayne Says She “Can Move Past” Her Issues With Denise Richards This Season On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Never say Erika Jayne can’t forgive and forget. Despite her reputation as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ resident ice princess, Erika has shown season after season that she’s actually capable of leaving drama behind and forging genuine friendships with her list of former frenemies in the cast.

And apparently, the same thing can potentially be said for the drama that plays out this season between her Denise Richards. Recently, Erika opened up about what exactly it would take to mend her relationship with her one-time pal.

“I actually like Denise and Aaron [Phypers], even though I have conflict with them this season,” the RHOBH star told Jenny McCarthy during an interview for the latter’s SiriusXM show. “And there isn’t anything that happened between Denise and I that cannot be repaired.

The explosive drama between the two came as a shock to many fans. Especially considering the warm welcome Erika gave the actress upon her joining the show in Season 9. (Within just a few episodes, the RHOBH star was admitting to Denise that her visuals of the soap star and her hunky husband having sex was “right up there with my favorite porn” and encouraging Denise to live out her best Bond girl fantasy in the Bahamas.)


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During the chat, Erika also hinted that the root of her issues with her fellow ‘Wife are entirely separate from the scandalous headlines involving Denise‘s alleged affair with RHOBH alum Brandi Glanville that are set to play out in the latter half of Season 10. “She has other conflicts, you know, with Brandi and others,” she said, “but whatever Denise allegedly said about me, I can move past…It’s one thing to have a disagreement with someone and come to a resolution and say, ‘OK, that’s in the past, moving forward.’ And I’ve been able to do that with a few people in the cast, and it’s stuck because both people want that.”

During her first few seasons on the show, Erika memorably feuded with Dorit Kemsley (over #PantyGate in Season 7) and Teddi Mellencamp (regarding accusations of fake amnesia in Season 8), but was able to form friendships with both ‘Wives after hashing things out at each season’s reunion. With the hypothetical olive branch she’s now offered, here’s hoping Erika and Denise can make up by season’s end.


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