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Erika Jayne Slams Denise Richards For Leaving In The Middle Of Filming; Says Denise “Would Repeatedly Either Leave Or Not Answer” Questions

It is clear to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers that there is one woman at the epicenter of all the Season 10 drama. Hello, Denise Richards!

There were rumors about Denise having an affair with RHOBH recurring cast member Brandi Glanville. Denise allegedly told Brandi that her marriage with Aaron Phypers was an open relationship. This was apparently breaking news to Aaron. Yikes!

In January, Denise’s publicist spoke to People about the hookup rumors. Denise’s representative said, “It isn’t true.” But when the Beverly Hills Housewives confronted Denise about the rumors during a cast trip to Rome, Denise stopped filming. Just like Lisa Vanderpump peaced out last season.

But the amount of time that Denise spent filming was already a sore spot for the RHOBH cast. Denise skipped filming on several occasions because of her busy acting career. How dare she have an actual job!


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In an interview with US Weekly, Erika Jayne bashed Denise for her disappearing act. “We all had Denise’s back. It’s not, like, bash Denise,” Erika said. “It’s not that anyone dislikes Denise. It was this series of events in which we asked Denise certain questions, and Denise would repeatedly either leave or not answer those questions.” Well, I can see where that might be frustrating.

Erika explained, “So when that happens in this group, the next time we see you, we’re going to ask the same question. It just never was resolved. At the end, you had the coup de grâce.”


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It sounds like Denise is just over filming the show. “We’d be there for five minutes, and then leave. And then when we’re all there for hours and trying to make the show … all we needed to have was a simple conversation,” Erika shared.

The singer hinted that the tension between Brandi and Denise was only part of Denise’s story in Season 10. “The alleged Brandi thing came after our … I don’t want to say conflict, but our discovering things. Denise was, it was just different. You’ll see,” Erika stated. What does that mean? Don’t leave us hanging, Erika.


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Season 10 may have just started, but it is already getting juicy.


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