Sutton Stracke Says She’s Not A Mean Girl, But She Just “Seems Like One” On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

We’re only three episodes into Season 10 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the new “friend of the housewives” Sutton Stracken has certainly already made her mark. Some people say she’s ruffling feathers. Some say she’s made a splash. I say she’s been more like a freaking earthquake. We finally have a housewife in Beverly Hills who has even less of a filter than Lisa Rinna. I don’t think the ladies quite know how to handle it.

While I’ve never had to watch myself on TV before, I imagine it would involve a lot of cringing and regrets. That seems to be the case for Sutton, who has been watching the series from her mansion in LA. While the Internet has already dubbed Sutton as a “mean girl,” she’s insisting that this is not the case.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Sutton details what it’s been like to watch herself on television. “They call it reality television for a reason. It is real and so to live through it and now be watching it [has been] fun. It’s exciting, it’s terrifying. Honestly, I think I do watch it like this: ‘oh god, what am I going to say next?’ I kind of feel like she’s a different person. Like, ‘what is she going to do now?'”

Honestly, that’s how I watch Sutton’s scenes too. From what we’ve seen of her so far on the show, she has no problem being brutally honest. She makes stirring the pot look effortless. I still cannot get over her behavior from Kyle Richards’ dinner party. Everyone was behaving in the typical phony Beverly Hills way, and then there was Sutton.


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“I tell a pregnant woman that she’s boring and make her cry. That’s awful. Who wants to do that? Nobody,” Sutton says, recalling the way she treated her co-star Teddi Mellencamp at the most awkward dinner party of all time. I mean, maybe that is her way of saying she regrets the way she acted? It’s tough to tell. I don’t think Sutton is the type to outright say she has regrets.

But despite her behavior on the show thus far, Sutton insists it’s not all what it seems. “I think when you see what actually happened, it’s different than what we’ve seen so far. I’m not a mean girl. I’m not,” Sutton says.


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All I can say is, she fooled me! In my opinion, editing can’t make you someone your not. Sutton acted the way she did, and she said the things she said. We get it, Sutton. You only wear couture Dolce & Gabanna. You run in really high society circles, according to Lisa Rinna. Yes, you have manners. But the thing we all love about our housewives is that despite of their flashy lifestyles, they can still have a few shots of Fireball and act like crazed teenagers on spring break.  Even RHONJ star Jackie Goldschneider got in on the Sutton conversation, calling her “too uppity.”

But Sutton has high hopes for the rest of the season. “I think this is gonna be a really fun season. There’s a lot of stones being thrown at different directions and hopefully, I think we come together as a group and as friends,” she says. While I can totally see Sutton and Kyle getting closer, I think it would take a full-blown miracle for her and Teddi to ever “come together” as friends.


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