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Kyle Richards Wishes Cast Didn’t Get Involved In Glam Fight With Dorit Kemsley; Dorit Says Kyle Was Only Bothered Because People Didn’t Side With Her

It’s important to know when to pick your battles. Dorit Kemsley made it very clear that she was going to show up late for Teddi Mellencamp’s retreat. She said this ahead of time, Teddi seemed to be OK with it, and it should have been all good. However, Kyle Richards took issue with Dorit showing up with her hair and makeup done. Did she forget that they were filming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Hair and makeup are basically required, even for a faux workout.

This is where the “picking your battles” thing comes into play. Yeah, it’s annoying when someone is late to an event and you find out that they took several photos on Instagram before she left the house. However, again, Teddi knew Dorit was going to be late. Kyle has no idea what else Dorit did that day aside from that impromptu photo shoot. Kyle, let it go. Of course, Dorit got her hair and makeup done, she does it everywhere. Who cares? Well, Kyle cares and she tweeted a lot about it after the episode.

Kyle wrote, “re the ‘glam’ situation…we don’t address the fact that there are cameras following us so some things are hard 2 explain. When we all sign up for this we make a commitment to open our lives & show up. I had flown home from N. Carolina to honor my commitment to RHOBH.”

Kyle tweeted, “Teddi upped her glam game no doubt. But NOT every day and not for workout or coming 8 hours late to get it done.” You’re going to tell me that no one on this show has ever worn makeup during a workout scene? Sure.


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Then, she kept it going, in true Kyle fashion. Kyle shared, “I didn’t get to see my family or drive [daughter] Portia [Umansky] to school because we had to leave our homes at 5am to meet up to all drive together to Teddi’s retreat. I didn’t get the coming late for glam especially when it was an exercise and meditation retreat.” Kyle, this is a TV show. People wear hair and makeup if they want to.

Kyle continued (again), “If she did not want to show up on time for Teddi I would have thought she would at least have to [show up] on time for her commitment to RHOBH… Like we all had to …” Dorit already cleared it with Teddi to show up when she was able to. Teddi was fine with it. Kyle, it’s not that deep.


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Dorit clapped back withTeddi made it clear we could come when we choose. I told the entire group I was coming after lunch. Suddenly I’m late and not committed to my ‘obligations’? I wasn’t even aware you were all traveling together @KyleRichards and wasn’t invited. I didn’t get that memo! #rhobh.” That’s because Kyle already knew Dorit would be late. Duh.

The RHOBH OG tweeted, “Honestly, if this had stayed between Dorit and me it would have been over before it started. Everyone having to jump in and get involved made things so much worse. And things are going to get even worse soon #rhobh.”


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That’s when Dorit really went in. She told Kyle, “You were happy to get people involved until 2 people didn’t agree with you. And making up a story about me being late because of glam and being mad about me glamming in the 1st place feels like an attack for no good reason. We’re supposed to be friends @KyleRichards.”

In response, Kyle claimed, “I am not making up anything. Ask Erika [Jayne]. We thought we all had to leave at 5am. And we are friends. But could have handled it better without everyone piling on


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If the people who got involved were #TeamKyle, I have a feeling that Kyle wouldn’t have had an issue with other people chiming in on the conversation. However, Kyle insisted, “When was I happy to get anyone involved? I didn’t ask anyone’s opinion and didn’t want to say what people had already said to me.” Sure.


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