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Kyle Richards Claims Denise Richards Is A Different Person From Last Season

Since the moment Lisa Vanderpump left the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We all assumed that the remaining cast would not be able to carry this season without her. Be honest – you thought this season would flop!

Surprisingly, it is off to an exceptional start. We have seen more dinner parties than I can count! From the fabulous new Housewives  Garcelle Beauvais  and Sutton Stracke. To Teddi Mellencamp’s retreat no one wanted to attend. The ladies have given us a lot of drama to discuss in our group chats.

The RHOBH alum Kyle Richards seems to be having a rough start this season. First, she gets into a fight with her fashion show producer Tracie. Next, she argues with her ex-bff  Dorit Kemsley over glam. Now, it seems as if her next target is Denise Richards.

Kyle and Denise seemed to be at odds after Denise supported Dorit in their heated exchange. The argument continued after Kyle told Denise to shut up in her own home. Kyle spoke with Us Weekly exclusively and stated, “I had never argued with Denise until this whole thing happened.”


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From the moment the Kyle walked into Denise’s backyard she seemed to critique everything. She started by asking the bartender why there was a diamond ice sculpture. Denise getting glam before her party made Kyle question if this was the same person.

The longtime Housewife said, “Then we arrived at her party and she was late because she’s having hair and makeup done for her pizza and ice cream party. And then the diamond ice sculpture and the diamond ice cubes, I was like, ‘What’s happening here? This is not the Denise that I’ve gotten to know.”


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It is a common thing for Housewives to be in glam, unsure why this is a trigger for Kyle this season. This is the second castmate she has attacked because they got  glam for an event. She claims that Denise is being inauthentic because she doesn’t usually get glam. People can change Kyle!

It didn’t stop there. Kyle went on to call Denise ragamuffin because of the ponytail she had in. She tried to explain why she used that particular word. “My mom, when I was a kid and I would run around not having my hair brushed, she’d say, ‘Don’t run around like a ragamuffin”.


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Denise decided to make it clear who the true ragamuffin is by posting almost every magazine cover she has been on. The model’s Instagram post finally got an apology out of Kyle for her comment. Kyle has made it clear that she wishes she never called Denise that word.

With only five episodes in the ladies have truly given us more than we expected! This seems to be only the beginning!


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