Kyle Richards Says She Has Not “Not Been Talking Directly” To Dorit Kemsley Following Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Drama

Kyle Richards has been having her fair share of drama this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In just five episodes, she’s clashed with Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards and run away from one confrontation with all three in tears.

In a new interview, the RHOBH OG shared how the on-screen drama has affected her friendships with the other ‘Wives and where she currently stands with Dorit in particular.

“It’s not like, ‘Oh, is it spilling into your real life?’ No, this is our real life!” Kyle said in a virtual sit-down with Us Weekly about clashing with her cast mates during filming. “You know, someone asked me that the other day…Yes, it affects it. It can’t not.”

One thing that never helps is seeing what the other ‘Wives have to say in their confessionals, and it turns out Kyle‘s issues with Dorit kicked off after watching the Season 10 premiere. (In the episode, Kyle brought all the ladies to New York City to walk in the show for her debut collection during New York Fashion Week.


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As a fashion pro with a swimwear line of her own, Dorit threw shade at the OG’s lack of preparation and last-minute scrambling, even suggesting she “saved” Kyle’s fashion show from disaster.) In subsequent episodes, the two butted heads about Dorit’s late arrival — in full glam — to Teddi Mellencamp‘s fitness retreat, which spilled over into a dinner party confrontation about Kyle’s blind loyalty to her BFF.

“I was really upset with her for the comments she made in the first episode about my business that weren’t true,” Kyle said regarding Dorit‘s suggestion she simply slapped her name on her collaboration and didn’t contribute much actual design work.


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Kyle added, “I never say anything about anyone’s family or anyone’s business because that’s our livelihood. Our families are the most important things to us, so I stick with what the arguments are between the women. I just thought that was a low blow. So then when something like that happens, then when I go on Twitter, I’m not going to be as nice as I normally would. I’m not.”

The RHOBH star also revealed she’s not currently on speaking terms with fashionista. “Directly, no. I haven’t,” she dished when asked whether she’s talked to the Beverly Beach designer. “We’re in a group chat, but…we’ve kind of not been talking directly because I know she’s mad. I know that I’m mad.”


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Kyle feels confident she and Dorit will kiss and make up…eventually. “We’ll get over it. I really care about Dorit,” she said. “We probably both need a little time to get over some of the comments and the interview bytes and Twitter and all that stuff or Watch What Happens Live.”


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