Vanderpump Rules Newbie Max Boyens Explains Why He Didn’t Reveal He Was Biracial After Past Racist Tweets Surfaced, Says He’s “Proud To Be African-American”

Vanderpump Rules fans were rightly disgusted earlier this season when past racist tweets from new cast members Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni went viral.

Now that the season has wrapped, Max finally opened up on social media about being biracial and explained why he didn’t discuss his heritage during the controversy.

“Never have I ever NOT been prideful of being black. EVER,” the TomTom manager began his post, which was titled “Hear me for I hear you.”

After explaining that he’s had to prove his ethnicity to people throughout his life, Max explained why he didn’t use it as an excuse when his racist tweets came to light. “I didn’t express I was black when the tweets came out because I didn’t want to justify them. Make it seem like OH ITS FINE I CAN SAY THAT IM BLACK,” he wrote. “Umm no. I CANNOT say that and never will. But trust me when I say I’m fucking proud to have black in me.”


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According to the Pump Rules rookie, he’s one-quarter Black on his mother’s side, thanks to his African-American grandfather who was a pro-boxer-turned-police-officer in San Diego, Calif. Max also credits his mom with teaching him about Black culture, including the impact of racism on her life. “I do NOT, I repeat FUCKING DO NOT condone racism, hate, or judgment on others because of their color and quite honestly I’ll shut that shit down immediately if I ever saw it,” he said.

The reality star also referenced his grandpa and mom earlier this week during Part 1 of the Vanderpump Rules Season 8 reunion. In regards to the social media scandal, he told Andy Cohen and his castmates, “We live in a generation now where saying some things, even if you are of that culture, it’s just frowned upon. I just want to say I’m just really sincerely sorry. There’s no excuse.”


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Another thing Max shut down with his post? The accusation that he’s not proud of his black heritage because of the racial slurs he tweeted as a teenager nearly 10 years ago. “I’m PROUD & always will be,” he wrote. “If you’re not my friend and in my life, you clearly don’t know these things about me and base your judgment off a tv show & some arrogant disgusting things I said years ago. I wish I never said.”

He then tied his thoughts into how affected he’s been by the Black Lives Matter protests springing up across the country. “Im educated. I do research. I’m so invested in this movement right now too,” he continued.. “So please don’t SHAME me from being apart of it…I WANT to be out in the streets using my voice. Donating. Marching. Please let me move forward. I have learned what I said I was wrong before you even found out about it. Thats why I never ever spoke like that again since that time.


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“I’m proud to be African American,” Max concluded. “I’m proud to have a voice and I KNOW right now. Today. And fucking always. BLACK LIVES MATTER.”


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