Scheana Marie Posts Texts With Max Boyens To Prove He Invited Her To Boys Night & She Didn’t Crash

I felt some major secondhand embarrassment when Scheana Marie crashed boys night to talk with Max Boyens during the last Vanderpump Rules episode. First, she showed up at the restaurant to nonchalantly talk to Max while he was working at the bar. However, he wasn’t even there, and Scheana’s intention to casually talk to him didn’t not pan out.

Then, she texted him about her desire to clear the air after he referred to Scheana as “boy crazy” during the season premiere episode. Max read her texts out loud to the guys to seem cool. Production even showed some screenshots from the conversation to just twist that knife in a little bit further (they didn’t show any of Max’s responses). Moreover, that’s not the whole story. Scheana did not actually crash the gathering. Max invited her… and then acted like he didn’t. Wow. I would feel so bad for her if she wasn’t hazing Dayna Kathan at SUR because of Dayna’s hookups with Max (no matter how much Scheana denies the reasoning, we all can make that connection).

Scheana came through with the receipts; i.e. a screenshot of the conversation that included Max’s messages. They only showed the messages from Scheana on the show, making Scheana’s appearance look very one-sided. The Instagram account Two Judgey Girls re-posted a screenshot from the conversation.

Scheana texted Max, “we didn’t get enough time at sur and I wanna talk before we all go to my house this weekend.” That’s when Max told her, “Okay. maybe stop by real quick.” He could have just told her he would call or meet up with her another time, but he clearly invited her to stop by.”


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And it’s not as if he didn’t know Scheana was already at the bar when Scheana arrived. She even hit him with a “Yeh I’m here” text, which is why Max’s shocked expression when Scheana walked in doesn’t make much sense now. And, yes, he saw that text and acknowledged it with a “Kk. See you soon.”

Both Max and the other new guy, Brett Caprioni, have turned gossiping about Scheana into their on-camera storylines. (And, of course, their off-camera storylines involve using the n-word from 2011 to 2013 on social media). Sorry to say it, but yes, Scheana is boy crazy, but she’s not as boy crazy as Max and Brett want us all to believe.


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I just want to know why production chose to only show some of Scheana’s texts and none of Max’s during this scene. Yes, I think it was too much for Scheana to seek out Max for this non-urgent conversation. She definitely dug herself deeper into this hole of embarrassment. However, it just sucks for her that it came off like she just randomly showed up.


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