Stassi Schroeder Says Faith Stowers Stole Credit Cards, Clothing, & Possibly Jax Taylor’s Car

When Faith Stowers revealed that she slept with Jax Taylor during the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 premiere episode, it seemed like she was making her play to move out of the background and secure some consistent screen time. That’s not what happened though. She just made her mark on the season and disappeared completely- i.e. going on an MTV show instead.

Sleeping with Jax while he was in a relationship wasn’t the only questionable thing Faith did though, or at least that’s what Stassi Schroeder said in an recent interview.

Stassi did not hold back during her appearance on The Bitch Bible podcast. Stassi shared, “Someone texted Kristen [Doute] and said ‘Do you know this girl Faith Stowers? She was out and stole my credit card. I know because her friend came to me and admitted it.'”

Kristen’s infamous investigation skills came in handy. Stassi continued with the story, “Kristen goes ‘I saw this article on the Daily Mail. Let me bring that up.’ It’s like her intuition was just going nuts. Kristen brings up the article and it’s like that is 100% Faith.” Stassi mentioned that “over $300,000 worth of stuff” was stolen.

Stassi continued, “That had video footage stills of her walking in some place. So then I’m like ‘We have to be sure.’ We read every article and it said she has tattoos on the side of her body, wherever she had tattoos, We took a screen shot of what she was wearing. We start going through her Instagram and she deleted all of the photos on her Instagram. We went to her tagged photos and she didn’t even think to untag her tagged photos. We go back and all of the tattoos match. We find a wig that she had on.”

Stassi added, “Then we contact James [Kennedy] and this was during filming. I think they were in Big Bear. James contacted someone else who then called Kristen who was like ‘That’s my jacket that she stole. She’s wearing my jacket.’ And we are like we just solved a fucking a crime. We start calling the police. The police don’t give a fuck. It’s really hard to get in touch with the police unless it’s an emergency.”

Kristen tried to move the “investigation” further, but it didn’t work out. Stassi revealed, “Kristen calls the police and is like ‘I am where Faith Stowers is.’ They go ‘Oh we know, but we don’t care to go and fucking find her.'” That’s probably not exactly what the police said, but clearly they just weren’t interested in the “case.”

Stassi shared, “During Vanderpump Rules, she was homeless living on people’s couches. No one knows where she is now. Lala [Kent] used to plant things in her apartment to see if Faith stole it.” Stassi mentioned, “When she was in the military she went AWOL, so I said ‘Kristen, call the military police. They’ll be looking for her too.’ None of the police will get back to us.” Tom Sandoval mentioned Faith’s couch surfing and going AWOL in a previous interview. The fact that Tom and Stassi shared the same version of events truly speaks volumes.

Stassi wasn’t done dishing on Faith though. She claimed, “The night that this came out- we were filming- at Scheana’s [Marie] birthday- that her and Jax hooked up, Jax’s car was stolen from his garage. When I woke up the next morning and someone said Jax’s car was stolen, I was like ‘you can’t make this shit up.’ I don’t know why that wasn’t covered on Vanderpump Rules because who gets their car stolen?”

Stassi paused to point out: “May I just say, I have video cameras all up in my house, so Faith if you’re going to come after me… everyone is going to know it’s you because I’m announcing it right now.”

Speaking of ScheanaBitch Bible host Jackie Schimmel asked, “Is she friends with anyone now? It seems like all the girls are getting along.” Stassi answered, “I don’t know.”  She added, “She’s in Vegas and is moving to Marina del Rey I think.And I’m like ‘fantastic.'”

Stassi even admitted that she’s a fan of Scheana’s former relationship with Rob Valletta– at least for entertainment values. She said, “I want them to get back together. It’s just so good and I need to watch more scenes like that. I’m so sad that Vanderpump Rules is coming to an end and I’m not going to see more Scheana and Rob scenes.” Same here, Stassi.


[Photo Credit: Instagram]