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Marlo Hampton Thinks Kenya Moore Is Jealous Of Tanya Sam

The beauty of being a Friend of the Housewives instead of a full-time cast member is that you get a lot of the benefits without as many of the drawbacks. The “Friends” get the trips and some camera time without an invasive look at their lives. However, a lot of the time, depending on the show, the friends don’t get to share their side of the story when it comes to drama. Well, except for Marlo Hampton, who reportedly gets paid than more than the full-time women on Real Housewives of Atlanta even though she’s never held a peach.

Someone else, who’s actually come across very well, is Tanya Sam. She’s been a “Friend” for two seasons and she just seems lovely. She’s so well-spoken and she just seems so together. What is she doing on this show? That’s why it was so shocking when Kenya Moore deciding to come for Tanya, of all people. After lying about wearing wigs sometimes, she called Tanya to get her wig that she left behind in a Toronto hotel room. Tanya did her a favor by grabbing that wig and then she told the girls about it. In response, Kenya brought the Cookie Lady, a woman who claimed Tanya’s man Paul Judge was trying to get with her to a lunch with Tanya. Oh, and then Kenya called Tanya the “C” word for no reason.

If Kenya didn’t want to get exposed for wearing a wig, why didn’t she just cut her losses and buy a new one instead of having Tanya retrieve it? Also, Kenya clearly has way worse problems she should be focusing on, i.e. her condescending husband Marc Daly.

Marlo dished on the strange dynamic between Kenya and Tanya during a recent appearance on the Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast. Talking about the Cookie Lady meet-up, Marlo admitted, “That was so awful.” Yes. It. Was.


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Marlo said, “I was shocked that the cookie lady would even come. That was shocking. Oh lord. There’s just some things you just don’t do and Tanya’s just so lovely.” Right!?

Then, Marlo theorized, “A part of me feels like Kenya is jealous of Tanya.”


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Why does Marlo feel that way? She said, “Tanya’s not married. She has the big green, she has the man, the car, the house, a man that respects her and loves her and loves to dress her up and loves her in all the fabulous pieces and loves to travel everywhere with her. Kenya is supposedly married and she doesn’t have that. And that’s what Kenya wants. You see, I don’t go to sleep at night, saying ‘Lord, please bring me a husband and a baby.'” In contrast, Tanya says that she prays to be happy instead of asking for specifics.

Marlo said, “Everyone is not meant to be married, everyone is not meant to be in a relationship, everyone is not meant to be sober. It’s like everyone has a different story and people just want you to be this story.”


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Marlo also remarked that Kenya calling Tanya the “C” word was “awful.” Agreed, girl. She shared that Tanya was “hurt and appalled by that” and that her man Paul was “hurt and disappointed.”


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