Luann de Lesseps Says Ramona Singer Is Self-Centered & Judgmental

It’s been a little over two weeks since the faithful return of Real Housewives of New York City to our screens. New taglines and all! Since the break, fan-favorite Tinsley Mortimer has left the show and the city. The franchise has also had it’s lowest-rated episode in literal years. This week we watched the cast return to the Bezerkshires. Apparently, Jill Zarin was excluded from the trip by Dorinda Medley. Jill really has a habit of being excused from cast trips. *cough cough SCARY ISLAND cough* Sadly, I think we all would have much rather watched Jill and Dorinda grapple for the spotlight than Ramona Singer and Elyse Slaine fight over…I’m not even sure. How close of friends they are? Apparently it’s not that close, ladies.

It’s no secret that Ramona has always had a thirst for the spotlight on the show. In the previous episode, Sonja Morgan called Ramona out for always one-upping with “fake parties and fake friends.” This week Luann de Lesseps called Ramona the “queen of scenes.” She wants to make a scene and be aired doing so. Even Leah McSweeney claims Ramona tried to boot her off the show. I’m sure Leah’s “juvenile” by hysterical storylines irk Ramona to no end. Welp. Lu’s critique of the Ramona-coaster actually go beyond her self-recorded-at-home interviews.

As long as I can remember, Lu and Ramona have always had a strangely distant relationship, despite being on the show together since Season 1! Recently, Luann told Us Weekly that Ramona “has her moments, and I think that sometimes she is not thinking about other people and you know, and she’s self-centered.”

Where’s the lie tho? I mean, just this week she called Elyse “heavy” when she sat on her lap after Dorinda did the same thing. Pure word vomit. Bless. This is why we love her. But also why we hate her? I can’t even tell. But I love to watch.

It sounds like Ramona doesn’t even deny it. (I mean, how could she?) Luann went on to share, “And she’ll say that! I mean, she says it all the time, you know, ‘It’s all about me.’ What about, ‘Forget about you? It’s about me!’ So, I mean, there’s no secret there.” Lol. Ramona has never been one for secrets, has she?


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When it comes to Leah and Ramona’s odd relationship this season Luann even said “Ramona loves to play mother hen. So I think Ramona is into mothering Leah a little bit. And at the same time, judges her more like she would judge her own daughter on her behavior.” The girl did chuck lit torches around a bunch of landscaping and rip a lobster off a seafood tower.

Luann says “She doesn’t give Leah a pass. … With Leah though, she’s very judgmental. So I feel like she’s harder on Leah and then she has on everybody else.” Well, the good news is that Leah is now 3 months sober. I can’t decide if Ramona just won’t give a shit or if she will be thankful she won’t have to compete with the hysteria for the camera time.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]