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The drama on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is starting to heat up. Sort of. The source of the “drama”? Denise Richards. And mom shaming. Who would have thought watching a reality show about uber rich women and their lifestyle would diverge into this? Then again, not much else is going on and the fighting has to come from somewhere.

But back to it. The ladies are mad that Denise doesn’t want to talk about threesomes in front of her kids. Lisa Rinna is accusing Denise of not owning it. The only one who seems to get Denise’s point of view is newbie, Garcelle Beauvais. What does Sutton Stracke, the other newbie of the season, think?

Well, she’s here to tell us. Sutton recently appeared on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Show and shared her thoughts on Denise. When asked what she thinks it says about Denise that she flees when there is a problem, Sutton responds, “Well I think there is a certain type of personality that flees when there is a problem.”

She continues, “She doesn’t want to address certain things or recognize certain things. Maybe there is a little bit of denial, about what happened. Or maybe she’s just not strong enough confront these ladies.”


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Really, Sutton? This is the same woman who had a meltdown that Rinna’s makeup artist would be at Rinna’s party for her own daughters. Sutton had so much of an issue with it, she continued her meltdown at the dinner afterwards. Which prompted the whole “let the mouse go” speech. Weirdest catchphrase ever.

I’m not trying to come for Sutton, I’m really not. I actually kind of like what she’s bringing to the table. Not too much and not too little. But she does seem….fragile. Especially for someone who told Teddi Mellencamp to her face how boring she is. Now that, was good TV.


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But does Sutton have a point about Denise? Does she run every time the heat is on? In short, yes, she does. But I don’t think that means Denise isn’t strong enough. I think that means that Denise puts up with enough BS in her own life that she doesn’t want to deal with it with a bunch of women who are supposed to be her friends.

Now does that make for the best housewife? No, not really. But Denise brings us more than just petty arguments. Which I could actually use more of on this show. Take notes, ladies of RHOBH! You too, Sutton.


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