Aaron Phypers’ Treatment Of Denise Richards Called Out By Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Cast & Viewers

What is it about food and tables that upset the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? The cast seems to be triggered when appetizers or silverware shows up. I’m not even sure actual disputes need to happen, they will just materialize from bitterly pushing barely-eaten food around in a passive-aggressive manner.

Last night was another special party, courtesy of Bangs Kyle Richards. Kyle decided the cure for discontent is one of her Famous Family BBQs. Um, except her family wasn’t there. Most showed up, but the soirée didn’t have a happy ending (see what I did there). Denise Richards and husband Aaron Phypers felt some type of way due to previous gatherings involving backyards and rogue ice sculptures. Instead of praising the benefits of using Jedi mind tricks to heal broken bones, Aaron showed another side of his personality. Now viewers and RHOBH cast members are putting him on blast.

Drinks flowed and Lisa Rinna went down a slide face first, it was blissful. Then Denise and Aaron show up sans brood. Denise didn’t want to bring her daughters around people who discussed subjects requiring a fainting couch. Does it seem a tad hypocritical coming from a woman who talked about her husband’s dick size? Hookers at Thanksgiving? Happy endings by old ladies? Did Denise speak on these issues in front of her children? Nope. Did she speak on these issues in front of her “friends”, Bravo production, Jack in catering, and a worldwide audience? Yep.

At the table, Denise admitted to Garcelle Beauvais she didn’t want her girls around these tricks. Kyle and her kimono overheard and that was it. Aaron didn’t have Mauricio Umansky to nod at him, so he felt the need to use his voice in Denise’s defense. Have another Casamigos, my dude. After a tense table debate, Denise and Aaron abruptly fled the scene. As Denise firmly advised Aaron to stop talking because they were on camera, Aaron apparently said, “Don’t tell me what to say, I’ll crush your fucking hand.” That was the WRONG ROAD.


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Then Twitter lit up like Nana’s Christmas tree. One viewer wrote, “Okay what the fuck—it sounded like Aaron said ‘don’t tell me what to say, I’ll crush your fucking hand’ to Denise?? Am I wrong?? Please tell me I’m wrong.” You’re not wrong. But the real gem was Bangs retweeted it.

A fan questioned Kyle’s move, “To me that’s trying to continue to exploit and embarrass Denise. In today’s world do we need more bad intentions? Seems like Kyle has no limits when it comes to trying to make herself look good.” Kyle replied, “Should we protect him?” Kyle wasn’t the only one questioning Aaron’s comment. Erika Jayne responded to a clip of the scene and said, “Wait! What did he just say??”


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Teddi Mellencamp wrote, “When I called him an asshole I wasn’t too far off.” Pregnancy has turned Teddi into a soothsayer! Viewers’ anger continued, “Weirdo Aaron threatened Denise with physical violence; he’s previously remarked about her high pain threshold”. Another commenter implied Denise can’t pick men, “Obviously Denise’s taste in men hasn’t changed. Aaron threatened he would crush her hand. Look at subtitles.”

A Twitter user shared, “So, we have Denise storming off, Aaron threatening to crush her hand, and then we have Kyle in a bathrobe and Dorit [Kemsley] in a mosquito net running after them. Rinna on bouncy slide & the others not giving af.” Maybe Denise was mad because there were no gift bags with a Caftan By Kyle, Shahida, & Possibly Alene Too.


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Any previous appeal Aaron held for “sticking up” for Denise has dissipated. “Hold up. I’m taking back props I gave Aaron for being protective of Denise. If I heard it correctly he told Denise he’d crush her hand. That’s wrong. Your man card is revoked.” One fan chided Bravo for tolerating both racism and domestic violence.

So is Aaron hiding a dark side? Did he imbibe too much tequila? Did he leave his good personality crystal at home? Denise has not addressed the episode, but she might have to, considering the backlash. Hopefully, this drama can be saved by another happy ending (you’re welcome).


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