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Camille Grammer Says Brandi Glanville “Plays Victim But Is The True Predator”

It’s finally here: the Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville half of the season. During the most recent episode, Brandi just happened to be sitting in Kim Richards‘ car with a microphone on. Kyle Richards randomly invited Brandi into her home and Brandi dropped a bomb: alleging that she hooked up with Denise.

She was visibly shaken, saying she felt guilty because she was initially under the impression that Denise and Aaron Phypers had an open marriage; i.e. he would be OK with the two of them hooking up. However, Brandi claimed that Denise told her to keep quiet because Aaron would be upset; i.e. he was supposedly not in the know, making Brandi feel like a cheater. As we know, Brandi has been adamant that Denise was “the aggressor” while Denise has flat-out denied this rumor. As the season goes on, it will become a case of “she said, she said.” Who will the viewers believe? Well, Camille Grammer is a very vocal member of #TeamDenise along with Garcelle Beauvais.

After Brandi’s televised revelation, Camille tweeted, “What did you all think of last nights episode of #RHOBH ?? The scene at Kyles seemed like Brandi twisted the truth and rehearsed what she had said before her fake impromptu appearance at house. IMO Your thoughts?”

A viewer posted, “Brandi’s account of what allegedly happened between her & Denise felt extremely rehearsed and like she was trying to paint it as assault/without consent. Very dark. Didn’t like it,” which prompted Camille to declare, “I agree. It was dark. Brandi plays victim but is the true predator.”


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In response, a fan tweeted, “I totally agree with you. I didn’t like the insinuation of Brandi being taken advantage of. Made me sick listening to her.” Camille agreed, writing, “That was really low.”


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Someone else tweeted, “Brandi doesnt lie about her sex life…was her waiting in car to be bought in a setup yes. Bravo does shit like this.but Brandi isnt lying about her n denise.” In response, Camille wrote, ‘How would you know? Seriously? No disrespect but you really don’t her other than what she tells you.”

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