Camille Grammer Calls Lisa Rinna “Rude” In A Comment On Denise Richards’ Instagram Photo

There has not been enough of Camille Grammer this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Last season’s reunion pitted Camille against everyone and resulted in Camille crying and walking off the set.

It was great seeing some familiar faces from RHOBH attend another one of Kyle Richards’ parties on the July 15 episode of the show. This one was for charity, so I am here for it. Camille was joined by blasts from the past Eileen Davidson, Kim Richards, Adrienne Maloof, and Brandi Glanville.

After Kyle and Camille made peace, Kyle thought that maybe Camille could mend her relationship with some of the Beverly Hills ladies. But when Lisa Rinna arrived at the party, she was ready to rumble.

According to HollywoodLife, Rinna confronted Camille about posting and liking “mean” tweets about the cast. “Camille, you were an a—hole on Twitter. I’m going to say that to you. But it’s nice to see you. I don’t have any beef with you, but you were an a—hole on Twitter. I didn’t like that,” Rinna stated. “I didn’t like the ‘trash’ comment, I don’t like the ‘you guys are like a coven of witches.’ … You didn’t have to do it in a public way.”


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Camille, being Camille, replied, “You just called me an a—hole. That’s not a great hello. I think I’ll pass on that. Thank you.”

In her confessional, Camille shaded Rinna again. “Who’s the a—hole? Rinna, it’s you. If you don’t want to talk to me now, I guess I’m just going to have to tweet about this later.” Boom! Mic drop.


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RHOBH viewers have watched Rinna and Denise Richards go at it all season, and it is obvious that Denise no longer trusts her long-time friend. Rinna even recently called Denise a “phony” in her Instagram Story.

While Brandi has stated that she and Denise had a romantic encounter, Denise has denied it. Denise also buried the RHOBH cast and crew in cease and desist letters, which we assume are about the alleged affair. So, when Camille saw an opening to diss Rinna from the comments on Denise’s Instagram photo, you know she took it.


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Denise posted a photo of herself wearing a black mask and holding up a script for The Bold and the Beautiful in front of her face. She wrote, “48 pages of dialogue @boldandbeautifulcbs after taping #rhobh reunion yesterday. Silly me to have the pages close by thinking I could memorize them in the middle of housewives drama. Got through today though!! Two full weeks back at work after 4 months off, very happy & very grateful- episodes airing soon!!”

HollywoodLife reported that Camille commented with heart and applauding hand emojis. A fan posted about the epic fight between Camille and Rinna on RHOBH and wrote, “@therealcamille so glad you were on last night. You kept it classy when Rinna was showing what an a-hole SHE is.”


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“Thank you! She’s A rude A-hole,” Camille responded. That’s Camille–always keeping it classy! Can we please give this woman a diamond next season?


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]