Married At First Sight Recap: I See Red Flags

The Married At First Sight couples enjoy the last few days of their action-packed honeymoon in Mexico. As the trip goes comes to an end they discover more similarities and differences that will affect their marriages.  One of the couples must navigate their first major fight. There is a bombshell discovery made about one of the stranger spouses.

As the couples get closer to going back to reality, many are nervous about returning to their normal lives. Personally, I can’t wait until they begin to live together. If you think we have seen some red flags now, just wait until you add the stress of work and another person around 24/7. This season of Married At First Sight  has such a wide range of personalities this year, it’s inevitable that there will be some fireworks. Let’s get straight into the Married At First Sight recap!

Amani & Woody

Married At First Sight Recap: I See Red Flags

Amani and Woody are enjoying their time in paradise together. Their only worry at this point is could things between them be too good to be true. Later, Brett and Olivia stop by to hang out and talk about their relationships. Woody hasn’t had the chance to connect with Brett. When they met at the bachelor party, all he did was flirt with women and then leave without saying goodbye.

Amani and Olivia have developed a friendship, so they decided to spend some couple time with their men. Woody surprises his wife with a romantic night complete with candles and rose petals. While soaking in a bubble bath, Amani shares how much she appreciates how special he has made her feel.


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Amani and Woody had sex! I mean, who wasn’t expecting that? Let’s be honest, they basically had foreplay the entire Married At First Sight honeymoon. It was only a matter of time. There was so much sexual tension between these two; they were practically salivating all over each other. I’m glad they were comfortable enough to follow their heart. I just hope they don’t regret moving too fast later.


Christina and Henry

Married At First Sight Recap: I See Red Flags

Christina and Henry endure yet another awkward meal together. I don’t know if Christina is just frustrated or is having a bad day. When she doesn’t get the correct meal she begins being a bit sassy with production. Henry even notices and makes a mental note that his wife may not be the most patient person. When they discuss their needs in the relationship, Christina tries to hint that she would like him to take the lead more often. SMH… I highly doubt that is going to happen. Henry, however, asks Christina to work on her patience and she agrees.

Henry tries his hand at another at a fun activity, paddle boarding. Even I was annoyed watching him complain and be extremely cautious; I know Christina had to be. In a confessional interview, she reveals that her husband slows down her usual pace. As he gets more comfortable on the board, he actually begins to enjoy himself. He even decides that he wants to do it again one day. Okay, Henry, there may be hope for you yet.


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When the couples get together, its apparent Henry and Christina probably have the least amount of chemistry out of the entire group. When they ask each other fun questions, everyone participates in most, but them. Henry tells the other grooms that he would rate his marriage a 7, while his wife says a 5. I think Christina’s rating is more accurate at this point. From what I have seen, they barely tolerate one another. There is more of a friendly vibe than a romantic one.


Amelia & Bennett

Married At First Sight Recap: I See Red Flags

Amelia and Bennett are a few days into their honeymoon and are still enjoying each other’s company. When they have a discussion about children they both discover they have similar thoughts about how they should be raised. This is surprising given not too long ago Bennett revealed he didn’t think it was even ethical to have biological children. I wasn’t expecting him to be so agreeable when he and Amelia had this conversation. I wonder if these are his real thoughts or he is just trying not to rock the boat too early.


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In a totally cute scene, Amelia and Bennett build a fort in their hotel room. He shares some sweet thoughts about what he is most excited for in their marriage, but sadly Amelia misses most of the conversation when she falls asleep. I wasn’t sure when I saw that bird’s nest of a hairdo coming down the aisle, but these two have become one of my favorite couples.

Karen & Miles

Married At First Sight Recap: I See Red Flags

Karen and Miles are growing more and more comfortable with each other as the days go on. While lounging on the beach, Miles decides to make a very personal revelation. When he tells Karen that he was diagnosed with clinical depression, you can see all of Karen’s hopes fading away. If you remember, she accidentally got his name before the wedding and was alarmed by how sensitive he sounded on his videos on social media. As he details the roller coaster of emotions that he can experience, , Karen listens quietly. She thanks him for sharing something so intimate with her but doesn’t hide her concern. She inquires about how she will know what to do when he is feeling down. Miles tells her he will just alert her when he needs alone time.

In a confessional interview, Karen admits that learning Miles has depression on her honeymoon was unexpected. She wanted to marry a very masculine man and doesn’t know how this will affect their marriage.  Something tells me this isn’t going to go well. Personally, I wouldn’t want to feel responsible for someone else’s happiness that I barely know. This definitely puts her in a difficult situation. It almost sets it up for her to feel inclined to walk on eggshells if there is an issue. Although I like Miles, this definitely is a hard pill to swallow.


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Miles asks Karen her thoughts on intimacy. It’s obvious she isn’t comfortable with the conversation. She quickly dismisses the topic by just saying she wants it to happen naturally. Miles then compares their affection level to the other couples and she warns him against doing that. She quickly reminds him that everyone has their own pace.

When she mentions it may never happen as one of the options, Miles is visibly deflated. It has to be hard to see your best friend in the same situation, but to have such an instant chemistry with his wife. I agree they shouldn’t compare their marriage to others, but it’s only human nature, especially in a group environment. Miles is worried that Karen will never want to move beyond the friend zone. I think things will become more clear once they live together and start integrating into each other’s lives.

Olivia & Brett

 Married At First Sight Recap: I See Red Flags

Olivia and Brett decide to be adventurous and try table side Mexican crickets for dinner. During dinner, Olivia asks how much money Brett makes annually out of the blue. At first, he seems taken aback, but they both whisper their salaries to one another. Brett claims Olivia makes almost three times as much as him. It’s apparent very quickly that these two are on very different pages financially. Olivia likes to go on dinner and expensive vacations while Brett is the total opposite. Although he says he doesn’t mind that she makes substantially more than him, I think the topic will rear its ugly head once again.  Later that evening, Olivia and Brett discuss sex. She wants to continue to takes things slowly and Brett is comfortable with that.

After a fun day scuba diving, Olivia and Brett talk about what they think things will be like once they go back to reality. The discussion is going well until Brett feels like Olivia’s life may already be too full for him with her job and social activities. She tries to explain that she spent a lot of time with other people because she was alone, but she will incorporate her husband into her life. Despite her reassurance, it seems like Brett wants her to agree to stop spending so much time with her friends and family. Although I do think they need to make time to come together as a couple, their lives will not change overnight. They will need to compromise and discover together how to live like a married couple.


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When the men ask each other to rate their marriages on a scale of 1-10, Brett refuses. Although everyone else participates, he thinks it’s ridiculous to rate a marriage based on a series of “staged events.” But when he overhears Olivia give their marriage a 7 while talking to the ladies, he is clearly upset. Christina thinks Brett claiming a rating is dehumanizing is just a cop-out. I agree, it wasn’t like he was asked to rate her looks. The group was just sharing what they thought about their marriages, at this point. After only knowing each other for 6 days, a rating isn’t anything I would take too seriously. Each couple is still new and they still haven’t experienced real life together.

Later in the evening, Christina feels the need to point out the red flags she sees in Brett to Olivia. In a confessional interview, she calls Brett a classic “fuck boy.” Well, tell us how you really feel Christina! I have my suspicions of Brett, so I am inclined to agree with this description. Olivia listens but shares that she hasn’t seen anything to give her a reason to be concerned. I think it’s interesting Christina already sees something in Brett that most of the men already witnessed at the bachelor party. I wonder did Henry tell his wife some of the details. Later that night, Olivia notices a change in Brett’s behavior when they are alone. When she asks him if there is anything he wants to talk about, he barely answers her.


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She quickly becomes frustrated when she feels her husband isn’t being receptive to her. Is it really that hard to tell her one thing that he looks forward to doing once they return home? Sigh! This passive-aggressive, it’s ridiculous. Seems like Olivia is now seeing firsthand what Christina was worried about.

The next morning, Olivia is visibly upset after their first tiff. Brett admits that he was punishing her for rating their marriage a 7 and apologizes.  She wants to move past things, but believes he needs to learn to manage his emotions. Personally, I think the way he handled that situation is a definite red flag. He seems to want things done a certain way and when they aren’t he gets upset. Instead of telling his spouse his feelings like an adult, he just shuts down and becomes this condescending jerk. I don’t see things ending well for these two.


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