Brandi Glanville Says Bill Clinton “Cupped Her Boob Underneath” And She Was “Very Happy With It”

Right now, Brandi Glanville is back in the spotlight thanks to her claims that she had a sexual relationship with Denise Richards. During the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi went to that “Capri-themed” room at Bucca di Bepo, overly-adorned with fake lemons from the dollar store, for Teddi Mellencamp’s surprise baby shower… even though she has next to no relationship with Teddi.

We all know why she was really invited though. Yes, we saw her invite herself in that flashback scene with Teddi, Kyle Richards, and Kim Richards. But, aside from that, what other storyline did we see on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season? Once Kyle realized that Denise didn’t like her, she started hanging with Brandi on-camera.

And, then “coincidentally” this hookup became a storyline; i.e. the main talking point of almost every episode this season. The first few episodes revolved around Kyle’s poor behavior, but after that, all they had to talk about was Brandi. I can’t help thinking “how convenient.” Now, the conversation has shifted from calling out Kyle for her behavior in a group setting to shining the spotlight on Denise for her off-camera life.

In addition to talking about Denise on the most recent episode of her podcast, Brandi also talked about watching the Democratic National Convention on TV. She remarked, “I saw [Bill] Clinton’s speech and I liked it, it’s just so hard… I met him once and he kind of cupped my boob underneath. I think we talked about this. I liked it. I was very happy with it.” She was “very happy with it”? What? Seriously?

Brandi continued to talk about the charity event they were at when this allegedly happened, recalling, “I was with my husband. It’s on Wire Image if you want to see.” And by “husband,” she’s obviously referring to her now-ex-husband Eddie Cibrian.


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If Eddie got a nickel every time Brandi mentioned him for clickbait, he would never have to act in a TV movie ever again. But, anyway, back to Brandi’s latest claim…

Brandi shared, “I was with Eddie on one side and Bill Clinton on the other and he had his arm around, right underneath the boob. I liked it and Eddie’s like ‘Why are you so weird like that? Why are you excited?’ Because he was very like sexy then.”


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She said, “Yes, [he was] married. [I was] not interested, just excited that he was a president and then to see him last night, it seemed like he’s deflated.” She wondered, “Did something happen to him,” seemingly referring to his looks and general health.


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Brandi also remarked, “Hilary [Clinton] looks exactly the same though,” noting that Hillary wasn’t around the night she met Bill.

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[Photo Credit: L. Busacca/WireImage]