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Teddi Mellencamp Denies Outing Denise Richards When She Brought Up Brandi Glanville Hookup Rumors

Things are really heating up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While the ladies are busy on a luxurious vacation in Rome, it’s been anything but relaxing.

So far, all they have done is take swipe after swipe at Denise Richards. They finally moved on from the whole “Denise is mom-shaming me for not wanting to talk about threesomes in front of her own kids”. Now the cast is on to whether or not Brandi Glanville is telling the truth about them hooking up.

Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp are two of the housewives that have been working overtime to expose Denise as a liar. I’m not really sure why but that’s the hill they are willing to die on. All this after a clearly staged meeting with Brandi at Kyle’s house. But fans aren’t just taking issue with their beef about whether or not Denise is being honest about the alleged affair. Fans are rightfully upset that Denise is being outed as bisexual on national television.

Entertainment Tonight reported on Teddi’s excuses for her behavior that she shared during a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance. According to Teddi, “When I said at the first dinner, ‘This is really bad,’ it’s not because it was a woman, it was because it was an affair that we were told on camera. And that’s the part you hate having to talk about, but it was already out there.”


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A viewer called in to ask why Teddi “outed” Denise by talking about the alleged affair on camera. Teddi said, “I don’t think I ever looked at it as outing Denise. I was trying to talk to her about things that she said about us and the group. And she kept saying, ‘I don’t even talk to Brandi. I don’t even talk to Brandi.’ And all of the women including Denise were like, ‘Just say it, say it, say it.’ And that’s really how it went down.”

Ok, a storyline is a storyline. But it’s hard to understand why Teddi and company have such an ongoing fascination with who Denise hooks up with. And to be taking the word of Brandi of all people is truly baffling. Even more so, maybe Denise is less concerned about how it would play out in her marriage. Maybe more concerned about coming to grips with her sexuality. We don’t know and quite frankly, how Denise might view her sexuality is none of our business.


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I’m all for a good storyline but this ain’t it. Let’s talk about the husband, Lisa Rinna. Let’s talk about the lawsuits, Kyle, Erika Jayne, and Dorit Kemsley. Side note, I’m actually not coming for Dorit. I have really warmed up to our favorite scam goddess this season.


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Either way, RHOBH has got to do better when it comes to how their season plays out. The viewers deserve more than episode after episode of the cast ganging up on one person. And leave Denise’s sexuality out of it.


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