Taylor Armstrong Hoped “Cameras Would Provide Some Protection” When She Filmed Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills While She Was In Abusive Relationship

I know the women of the modern-day Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would have you think that “bringing children into it” is as dramatic as it gets. But do you remember how this franchise got started? Shit was dark. Camille Grammer literally outted Taylor Armstrong’s domestic abuse story to the world. Mostly because Taylor was putting all the other Housewives in a very sticky situation. Then, season 2 ended with Russell Armstrong’s suicide. It was…a lot.

Since that time, Taylor has been on Couple’s Therapy with her new man, been remarried, and still continues to share her opinions on the cast like 7 seasons later. Hey. She worked hard for that zip code, baby.

To be fair, Taylor is also still talking about herself. She recently opened up with Bravo’s The Daily Dish about her decision to film with RHOBH while in such a tumultuous relationship. She shared, “There was definitely some hesitation to go on Housewives. For one reason, I was having physical abuse in my home. I wasn’t sure how that was all going to play out on TV.” Taylor continued. “I think part of me thought that the cameras might provide some protection.”

This decision/logic has long been discussed by viewers. In her recent interview, Taylor basically confirmed that reasoning. She said, “I actually think subconsciously I thought it might make things better and it might help my relationship.” So also shared, “Season 1 gave me some hope that I would  have some means for myself and for my daughter. And going forward I knew that I wanted to stick with the show because it was an opportunity to leave.”


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When asked  if she ever thought about quitting Taylor revealed, When Camille outed my abuse at Lisa Vanderpump’s tea party.” I can only imagine. Taylor went on, “I remember staring at one of the producers just dead in the eyes because I didn’t even have anything to say. I knew in that moment that my life was about to change.”

And change they did. Taylor added, “And I didn’t know if that meant that my life would be over, or my life would get better, I would get divorced. It was a very scary moment for me.”

About her late husband Russell and his thoughts on the show, Taylor shared, “He felt like it appeared as though we didn’t have a happy marriage and he wanted me to put up a better facade than that.” She continued, “I didn’t even realize how unhealthy our relationship looked until 1 watched Season 1” I really can’t conceptualize how she had no idea how bad it was, but I guess I’m glad she found out? 


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Taylor also disclosed that she didn’t mind having her abuse and loss of her husband shown in season 2 of RHOBH. She said, “I was supportive of season 2 airing….because I did want people to see…that there was something on the other side.”

So in any event, Taylor ended saying “My family life today is very happy…I was remarried…we have a wonderful relationship.” Taylor’s little daughter is now a whopping 14 years old! And apparently misses her late father 0%. Meanwhile, Taylor is continuing to speak out against domestic violence. I’m so glad they’re just happy, healthy, and most of all, SAFE!


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