Camille Grammer

Season 10 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be over, but the drama certainly isn’t! Sadly, we didn’t see very much of Camille Grammer this season.

But don’t worry about Camille. She is spending her time calling out RHOBH’s possibly co-dependent besties Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp. In the past, Teddi had called Camille two-faced. Camille referred to Teddi and Kyle’s close friendship as “creepy.” It might not seem creepy if Kyle could admit that she treats Teddi differently than her other co-stars.

Teddi is an accountability coach. Recently, a Twitter user took a shot at Teddi’s business, All in by Teddi. Teddi’s company has been criticized for its weight loss program and calorie restrictions. Camille popped onto Twitter and wrote, “It’s suspect.” In response, Kyle tweeted, “Camille, you really need to move on and get a life.”

Teddi’s qualifications were also questioned, and Camille once again shared her thoughts. “I don’t know? Is she certified?” Camille posted.


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Teddi has said that she is certified, but someone posted a screenshot from All in by Teddi’s website that seemed to contradict that information. The company website reads, “Our coaches do not carry any fitness, medical, or health certifications…” Teddi–can you step out of your father’s shadow and please explain? Kyle rushed to Teddi’s defense, responding, “You befriend whoever you think will get you a [diamond]. Talk about a mean girl.” Pot-have you met kettle?

Now Camille and Kyle are beefing on Instagram. (The grammar in the posts is a bit rough.) Commentsbybravo shared a screenshot of their argument from fatcatgossip. Fatcatgossip posted, “Camille Grammer Slams Teddi as Kyle’s “Puppet” and Confirms She Will Not Return to Show Due to “Mean Girls” of Beverly Hills”


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Kyle wasted no time in shading Camille. “If they asked her back she would be there in two seconds,” Kyle said with a shrugging emoji. Kyle does have a point. We all know that Camille is thirsty and loves to stir the pot.

Camille clapped back in epic fashion. “@kylerichards18- No, my life is not the show unlike yourself. You live and breath RHOBH,” Camille stated. “I told Denise [Richards] in Feb I wouldn’t want to go back. She asked if I would go back if she was on and I told her no because it’s too toxic. Truth.” I think there is truth in Camille’s comment that Kyle lives for the show.


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A fan showed some support for Camille’s point of view. “Good for you, Camille- don’t lower your standards @therealcamille @deniserichards.”

Of course, Camille chimed in. “It’s awful and painful to watch grown women take down Denise to keep their diamonds. Smh,” she posted.


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It wasn’t all love for Camille, though. Another fan commented on the commentsbybravo page, “Camille has nothing to talk about besides the women and the show, yet wouldn’t go back? Pleaseeee.”

Denise isn’t the only Beverly Hills Housewife who is exiting the show.  Teddi confirmed that she was fired from RHOBH. Her honesty was rather refreshing. Now the big question is, will Kyle return? And if so, who is going to be her new ride-or-die?


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