Kyle Richards Responds To Allegations She Stopped Camille Grammer From Returning To Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

After one of the most talked-about seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to date, viewers want redemption. Many fans of the show were left somewhat bewildered after the wild turn of events. The show took a hard hit after Lisa Vanderpump announced her decision to depart the franchise. While the rest of the cast centered their storylines around Lisa’s alleged and unconfirmed actions, she peaced out for the sake of her sanity. At the Season 9 reunion, Erika Jayne (of all people) crowned Kyle Richards as the new “queen” of RHOBH. Uh-huh.

Word on the street is the sitting queen has a lot of say in casting. Perhaps once you bounce one of the more beloved cast members, you automatically level up? Camille Grammer was on fire in her “friend of” role on the show. She did not bow to Her Majesty and delighted in calling people out. After a wedding, the drama of her home burning to the ground, and her ability to ruffle feathers, it seemed Camille would be guaranteed a full-time slot. When she was effectively cancelled, Cammy alleged it was Kyle who made the call. Kyle has just responded to Camille’s assumptions, but don’t worry, Camille hasn’t finished.

Allow me to be completely transparent. I wanted Camille back as a full-time cast member. She saved last season, in my humble opinion. While everyone else was waxing poetic about someone who dumped a dog, Camille was busy exposing their dirty little secrets. She was also one of the few ladies not hiding anything currently embroiled in a nasty financial lawsuit. Camille had dirt and she wasn’t afraid to fling it. So yeah, that might make other people a bit nervous. Other people who like to keep things out of the media…

TMZ caught up with Kyle and asked if she had anything to do with Camille’s exodus. Kyle responded, “I never had an issue with Camille, I don’t even know where that came from.” Oh really? Not even when Camille said Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave was up Kyle’s ass? Funny how Teddi is returning in all her glory. Wait, I take that back, there was no glory.

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Did you notice Kyle got bangs? It looks like she went to the salon and asked for the LVP special, but whatever works! When questioned about whether or not RHOBH is “[her] show now like [Camille] says?” Kyle provided this humble reply, “I guess if that’s what she thinks, but that’s not what I said.” Then Kyle sped off into the night… But wait, there’s more!

This morning on Twitter, Camille Donatacci Grammer Meyer 007 woke up and gave us some morning tea. She responded to Kyle’s denial of not being asked back and said, “Don’t believe her spin. Producers told me otherwise.” Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn. That’s right, Camille will take production down with her!

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When questioned by another user, Camille said, “Not buying it. I haven’t heard from [Kyle] in months.”

Even though Camille isn’t returning, two new cast members have come on board. Hopefully, they will fill the gaps left behind by both LVP and Cammy. If not, we’ll always have memories of Camille and her legendary words will echo in our hearts forever, “the morally corrupt Faye Resnick“. #neverforget

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]