Tamron Hall Responds To Stassi Schroeder Interview Controversy; Says Stassi Asked Not To Address Comments About #MeToo Movement

This year Bravo was forced to admit they have some… employee issues. The world spotlight has been focused on racism and skeletons are falling out of closets everywhere. The cast of Vanderpump Rules have faced jarring changes because certain people made very bad choices.”Think before you speak” doesn’t seem to be a mantra a lot of these folks are familiar with.

Stassi Schroeder lost her job and lucrative side income for her very bad choices. Stassi also has a marked history of making racially insensitive comments. In an effort to redeem her tarnished reputation, Stassi held an interview with Tamron Hall. The event didn’t go Stassi’s way and she claims Tamron went “rogue” with the subject matter. Now Tamron responds to Stassi’s accusations, because she is not having one moment of this crap.

Did Stassi Google Tamron prior to accepting this interview? The Emmy-winning Tamron is no punk and this lady is not going to take any shit. Pro tip, if you’re called out for being racist and then accept an interview with the first black co-anchor of The Today Show, you might not want to insult her after she did her job.

Stassi was not pleased with the outcome of her interview. She even went so far as to convey that she was “caught off guard”, which is strange because Stassi knows Tamron didn’t want to discuss statement necklaces. But, Tamron is a respected journalist and won’t be put on blast because she asked difficult questions. Tamron responded to Stassi’s critique on the Tamron Hall Show and Queens of Bravo posted the clips on Instagram.


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Tamron said, “The other day I was told that there was a report that Stassi felt ‘unprepared’ and that it was ‘awkward’. Even that I had gone rogue — whatever that means.” Hey, if you have to hire a damn diversity teacher for ANYTHING, you already know what people are going to talk about.

Tamron then gave insight on what happens before a scheduled interview takes place. “Now, I don’t tell people the specific questions I’m going to ask them. How they answer, that’s up to them. But the topic and everything that we discussed, Stassi knew. She knew the subject matter. She knew what I was going to ask her. Not the questions.” So, between Stassi, her new PR team, and the diversity coach, none of them knew what the conversation would be about? Did she think they were going to discuss the benefits of ranch dressing?


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Tamron also said she was specifically asked not to bring up Stassi’s questionable views of the #metoo movement. You guys remember, she had a whole podcast episode where she criticized women for speaking out against sexual violence. That didn’t sit well with Tamron. “It hit me to my gut that I didn’t ask her.” I’m sure it did since Tamron’s own sister was murdered as a consequence of domestic violence.

But Tamron gave Stassi a pass because her uterus is currently occupied. “Given that she was five months pregnant, the issue of race was hard enough for her and for me and it was a lot to unpack, including that Nazi comment, so I said we were not going to go down that road but we would have this difficult conversation that we all should have to provide a better platform for our children.” Translation, please don’t raise a racially insensitive human being.


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Though Tamron stated she feels relieved that Stassi admits being embarrassed for even having “those thoughts”, you have to wonder if Stassi has learned anything. Stassi owned her part in needing to be educated on not acting like an asshole white privilege, but is once again playing the victim.

Maybe Stassi can have her little brother and mom tell Tamron what a great person she is, and how she didn’t mean anything bad. Or maybe Stassi needs to stop doing what got her into so much trouble in the first place, talking too much.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]