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90 Day Fiance Star Ashley Martson Says Vanderpump Rules Star Jax Taylor “Harassed” Her & Jay Smith With “Racist” Comments

Where to even begin with this story? To even think about untangling the web these problematic, hypocritical, thirsty people have woven exhausts me. But here I go. So…to begin…I think we all know by now that Vanderpump Rules stars Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute have been fired for their racist behavior. (Note: Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens  were too, but that’s hardly as earth-shattering in comparison). These firings have caused a major uproar in the Bravoshere. This includes fans who don’t want the network to stop with just these four. Specifically, there is a call right now for the network to fire Jax Taylor.

When I say “fans” I am including 90 Day Fiance star  Ashley Martson. Just like every love story that gently progresses from a Vegas cheating scandal, divorce threats, and clothes thrown in the street, Ashley and Jay Smith are now living together as a couple. Not only that, but Ashley has spoken out, via Instagram of course, to defend Jay while trashing Jax.

Us Weekly picked up the Instagram story that  Ashley shared. She said, “Did y’all see bravo fired four cast members? Well @bravotv don’t leave out old Jax Taylor who harassed us when our show first aired.” She also sent followers to her Instagram story saying, “If you don’t understand why I find this racist please watch my story. Education is key.”

In her Instagram Story, Ashley shared a screenshot from Jax saying “Your man’s nose is the size of his head…” Ashley explained how this comment was problematic. She responded, “When your nose or my nose is referenced as large it’s probably just a large nose…Black people have been historically colored to an ape or monkey, meant to be derogatory.”


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Ashley continued, “One of the most well known racial stereotypes is referencing a black person’s nose, again suggesting it is similar to that of an ape.” She even offered to help Jax or any of his supporters by quipping,  “happy to send any literature your way from history books to help you understand as to why a white person shouldn’t EVER comment on the size of a black persons nose or lips for that matter.”

Is she right? Absolutely. But she’s forgetting one thing. Both Stassi and Kristen were fired from Vanderpump Rules after calling the police on a woman of color for something she didn’t do. AKA something unworthy of police involvement.


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This was sort of like when Ashley called the police on Jay because she wanted him “out of her life” all the while knowing she never filed his status papers and that he would be taken into ICE custody. I mean, it was all aired in Season 4 of the series 90-Day Fiance Happily Ever After. Personally, I’d love to see Jax fired and Ashley canceled. A girl can dream, right?


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