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Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: The Tipping Point

Are you ready for this wild ride of an episode? Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard Bassett are about to change the group forever in one moment. The Real Housewives of Potomac will never ever be the same again. The most hyped Housewives altercation possibly in history is going to fracture this group into pieces. Sides will be taken. Alliances will be solidified.

The events are horrific, but it will go down in Housewives infamy. People will be talking about this episode for many years to come. Whether your Team Monique or Team Candiace, it’s a fascinating time to be a fan of the show. There’s so much electricity in the air for this to finally play out. It’ll be interesting to see how the group moves forward from here. There might be room in this circle for one of them. Who will be the one to emerge victorious?

Monique Samuels Real Housewives Of Potomac

I have MASSIVE CHILLS two seconds into this. I cannot believe Monique actually put her hands on Candiace. The way everyone was screaming to let Candiace go is so haunting. How did we get here ladies and gentlemen? We’re officially past the point of no return.

Ashley Darby comes out of the bathroom so shook about whatever went down in her absence. She immediately starts blindly taking Monique’s side in the drama. Girl, you weren’t even there when it went down. Nobody wants to hear your opinion.

It seemed like Wendy Osefo was the only one really concerned about Candiace in the moment. Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon just wanted to relish in a moment where Monique looked bad.


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Candiace hit Monique in the face with a wine glass during the struggle. I know that seems aggressive, but she did what she had to do. She did whatever she needed to do in order to save herself. I don’t blame her one damn bit.

Why is Karen Huger so concerned about Monique in this scenario? Monique is the one who lost her mind and became a monster. Monique has to be held back by the producer to avoid her from further attacking Candiace. If there was any doubt about who was in the wrong, Monique continues to come after Candiace by chasing her outside. Why is she so violent?

Candiace finally escapes and breaks down in the car talking to Chris Bassett. Monique has ZERO remorse for her actions. This is a show where people talk s**t. We all know that. However, when you cross the line over to physical violence, it turns into something else. It’s not okay. Not one bit.


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Monique is entirely rewriting history about this altercation. Candiace did not throw a wine glass toward her first. Candiace only did that as a direct reaction to Monique already having her in a death hold. The way Monique is entirely unable to control herself and take accountability is scary in a way. How does she believe her own crap?

It’s so unacceptable what went down between Candiace and Monique. How Monique is being allowed to have this platform after that is beyond me. That should’ve been a wrap on her Housewives tenure. End of story.

The other women try to make sense of the events the following day, but it’s hard for them to process it. No matter how annoying Candiace is or can be, there’s no excuse for what Monique did. She should be ashamed of herself. However, it doesn’t look like she cares at all about what she did.


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Candiace tells Chris she is sore the day after the fight, but it’s nothing too serious. The emotional pain is what’s going to haunt her in the future. Monique purposely set out to hurt Candiace, and she got what she wanted.

It makes no sense to Candiace that Monique is still harboring this kind of hatred for her. There’s no much that can be done at this point. There’s no salvaging this “friendship”.

Karen Huger Ray Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

Elsewhere in Potomac, Karen is trying to pay more attention to being a good wife to Ray Huger. There’s a growing disconnect between them, and it’s getting worse every day. Karen suggests using a life coach as a method to get them back on track. It’s a cute way to disguise therapy without actually calling it that. I’d like to think they’ll be able to make it work.


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Karen’s inability to choose a side in this mess between Monique and Candiace is maddening. THAT night, Monique took it to the next level. How is that not clear to EVERYONE? I mean, what the hell? Someone with a fuse like that shouldn’t be allowed in this heightened environment? We shouldn’t be surprised though. Do you all remember that umbrella incident?

I wish my parents would have bought a restaurant for me at such a young age. Gizelle’s daughters are lucky to have parents who are willing to do something like that to set up their future. Although, I’m kind of a fatty, so I don’t know if owning a restaurant is the smartest idea.

Chris Samuels hates the situation Monique and Candiace have put themselves in. Monique is still trying to justify her behavior from the barn showdown. How does she have NO remorse for her actions? Also, how inappropriate is this conversation in front of her baby girl? Mommy likes to beat on people sweetheart! Mind blowing.


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Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

Gizelle plans on breaking the news to her father that she’s back with Jamal Bryant. This should go over well. NOT. It’s hard for people to be supportive of this. He cheated on her very publicly so because of that, it’s hard to root for them. However, maybe he will come around to the idea and surprise her.

It’s so empowering that Jamal and Gizelle are teaching their kids about business at such a young age. Succeed or fail, they will learn something from all of this. Good for them.

Gizelle’s father is NOT about the news of Gizelle and Jamal’s reconciliation. He didn’t show up to their previous wedding. He wants her to be happy, but this is a hard pill to swallow. Her father says he cares about the children and wants them to be happy. If he only knew how opposed to this reunion they were. They are just as concerned as you.


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Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

Ashley’s new mother exhaustion is still in full swing. Things still feel awkward between Ashley and Michael Darby. The Monique and Candiace drama is overshadowing his actions right now, but Ashley isn’t ready to fully move on. Michael feels like the sex was lacking in their marriage, and this led him astray.

The next step in their marriage is to discuss a post nuptial agreement. Ashley knows how to secure that coin. We love to see it. She’s not stupid. She’s going to get what she wants before this ends. He’s made her look stupid so many times, it’s only fair that she gets some legal backup.

I swear Karen is the only one even remotely trying in their relationship. She’s putting in the work. What is Ray doing? He’s so far removed from this marriage. It’s brutal to watch at times. I’m not going to lie though, the voice of this life coach is so irritating.


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Ray doesn’t like how busy Karen is these days. That makes me really sad. I would’ve liked to see him supportive of his wife’s business renaissance. However, at the same time I understand how he feels like there’s a lack of attention to his own needs.

Karen has really laid out everything this season. For years it seemed like it was so secretive, but this year she’s really letting us in. I cringed so hard when Ray said he “thinks” he is in love with Karen. That’s not what she wanted to hear. That’s probably her worst fear materializing.

After hearing this, Karen breaks down upstairs and has to be consoled by producers. She wasn’t expecting Ray to have that kind of answer. She knew there was a distance between them, but this was on another level. OOF.


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Gizelle’s dad and Jamal are able to be civil as of now. We will see if that changes or not. Her dad says one thing, but his face is saying another. Her dad gets up from the table and gets caught in a hot mic moment. He drags Jamal for his past and doesn’t think it’s a good move for Gizelle. THERE YOU GO!


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