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Monique Samuels Says Real Housewives Of Potomac Stars Are Trying To Get Her “Fired” After Her Fight With Candiace Dillard

Nothing will ever be the same on Real Housewives of Potomac after that brutal fight between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard on October 16, 2019. Monique was charged with second-degree assault for grabbing Candiace by the hair and yanking her down on a table.

Naturally, Monique filed her own second-degree assault case, claiming that Candiace hit her in the face with a wine glass. All the charges were dismissed in December of 2019.

The root cause of the incident seems to be Monique’s belief that Candiace participated in spreading a rumor about the paternity of Monique’s son, Chase.

In the most recent episode of RHOP, Monique asked Karen Huger to bring the ladies, minus Candiace, together to discuss what happened in the barn.

Gizelle Bryant arrived with her own burly bodyguard for protection. Monique told the group that she grabbed Candiace because Candiace threw the wine glass at her first, but no one believes that.


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Gizelle told Monique that she doesn’t want to be anywhere near her again and left. Monique mused about leaving the show after what happened.

Now, Monique (and possibly her bird T’Challa) are singing a different tune. In an interview with US Weekly, Monique is claiming that some of her RHOP co-stars want to get her fired from the show.


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“They met off camera and had a little meeting and I think that it was very strategic, what they decided to do. They looked at this as an opportunity to possibly get me off the show,” Monique explained.

Monique said, “They thought they had that type of power to get me fired. So that was very strategic.” Gizelle and Candiace won’t film with Monique anymore. The one person who is on Monique’s side is Ashley Darby.


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Monique also believes that Candiace “wants to play the victim right now.” And Monique isn’t happy about that.

Monique revealed, “Her and her attorney have literally gone on media campaigns with this whole incident. She’s called me out of my name. She has said that I’m mentally unstable,” Monique shared.


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“She has said that I’m unfit to be a mother and parent. That’s a whole lot coming from someone who was supposed to be a friend. So that just seems to me that you were never a friend,” Monique added. It’s sad to think that they were friends once upon a time.

Candiace and Monique haven’t spoken since their fight in the barn. However, Candiace did issue a statement to US Weekly. “She did enough damage to get herself fired. I was never involved in the spreading of rumors or plotting that her former friends came up with and she knows that,” Candiace stated. “It’s why she never brought it up to me.”


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Candiace continued, “This all could have been avoided if she had kept her hands to herself, or at the very least, owned that she lost control. Instead, she chose to tell anyone who would listen that I provoked her by throwing a glass,” Candiace said.

Monique is looking forward to the RHOP reunion, and hopefully getting some closure. Don’t forget your bodyguard, Gizelle! So, does Monique want to repair her fractured friendship with Candiace? “I am one to never say never. But I’m never going to be friends with her again,” Monique remarked. I think that is for the best.


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