Andy Cohen Says Stassi Schroeder And Kristen Doute’s Exit From Vanderpump Rules Will “Create A Lot Of Story That Is Absolutely Real”

The Vanderpump Rules off-season has been full of drama. Unfortunately, for the cast members who didn’t get fired, it’s unclear when/if the show will come back. Thanks to the pandemic and the false narrative that this show is actually about the restaurants when most of them actually pretend to work there, the cast members are just sitting ducks, hoping to get the green light, filling up their free time with sponsored Instagram content (and pregnancies, for some of them anyway).

So, what does Andy Cohen think about the show carrying on without Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute?

Us Weekly reported on Andy’s recent appearance on the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast. The Bravo exec shared, “People were really [harping] on what was real and what was maybe a leap about the last season.”

Andy continued, “I think that what has been so brilliant about Vanderpump Rules and why that show is so hard for all the other people who tried to do it, to replicate it … these people all knew each other for so long and all worked for Lisa [Vanderpump] for so long.” For so long? We all know that’s not quite true. Once they started getting those Bravo checks, the cast only donned those ill-fitting SUR dresses on camera, rest assured.


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Andy acknowledged, “It seemed like people were [focused on], ‘Does [this] person really work there and why are they going to Lisa’s to make Pride signs?’ … I think where it goes is … I think they’re going to have real drama built into her reopening this restaurant after a pandemic.” Why do we want to re-live pandemic drama? And, again, none of the longtime cast members actually work at SUR. Why couldn’t they just film them at their million-dollar homes?

In regard to Stassi and Kristen’s exits, Andy said, “I actually think in an odd way that’s going to create a lot of story that is absolutely real, and they’ll be able to lean into it. And frankly, Stassi and Kristen didn’t work there anymore.” What does that even mean? Was it fake when they were there? Is he being shady? Is he being vague? Did the show even officially get picked up?


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Andy said, “And they’re both brilliant characters on television. I think it will be interesting to see whose there and whose not and what’s really happening. I think they’ll have a better time doing that and they’ll be a lot of built stuff that’s actually happening.” But, what does that have to do with a restaurant opening (which most of them work at anymore)?


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/ Bravo]