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Craig Conover Says John Pringle Is Austen Kroll’s Antagonist On Southern Charm This Season; Admits To Instigating Their Drama

Alright. I’m just going to come out strong. Southern Charm’s newest dude, John Pringle, is fucking weird. He’s a quiet lurch-type that is supposedly “flirty” with all the girls, but like, is he? He’s literally just, there. All the men call him a ladies man…I don’t see it. Either way, there have been more than a few hints that John and Austen Kroll’s  girlfriend, Madison LeCroy, have a budding relationship.

I know that sounds really dramatic, but it’s not. When you see that all it took for John to steal Madison’s attention was showing up to a beer fest in a jean jacket, its like…pretty sad. She’s swooning over him telling him her boyfriend would look girly in a jacket like that. *crying face emoji* WHUT!? This guy couldn’t be less interesting. The big drama Patricia Altshul has schemed up this year is masterminding a love story between Madison and John because they both have kids. I’m seriously already so bored. I’m also petrified to ask these trash people to do more.

Craig Conover shared some insight on his newest cast-mates during an interview with Decider. Craig was asked if there’s anything to know about John. If that question doesn’t tell you how boring this dude is, I don’t know what will. Anyways, Craig straight up laughed and said, “Yeah. Somehow it just works, because he’s all over the place.” Ya don’t say!

This guy is basically known for having a family-name and singing with an acoustic guitar sometimes. He has kids who live all the way across the country and somehow finds himself on possibly the most problematic show on Bravo. Forgive me for misunderstanding why anyone would find him anything other than “blah.” 


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Craig shared some more insight saying, “You always forget how old Shep [Rose] is until you’re around someone his same age that has kids and has already had a divorce and stuff. But John, he likes to party. He goes from zero to 100 really quick, and you don’t know what’s going to happen.” Lovely. Another middle-aged-man who can’t handle his booze or recreational drugs. Just what we need. 

The interview continued and Craig revealed, “He’s kind of a bull in a China shop, really. I just made sure that I wasn’t in the China shop, but watching from outside. I was egging it on. I would kind of just instigate.” Craig is messy and I fucking love it. My favorite part of the newest season was when we learned Craig’s high school superlative was “most dramatic.” C’mon, daddy. 


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Craig also explained, “he’s great. He’s a super nice guy. But he’s got a lot of demons too, just like all of us. He does some stuff that is just utterly absurd and shocking. He definitely is Austen’s [antagonist] this year. I’m sure Austen just wishes he wasn’t around.” BACK AT YOU, AUSTEN! No one needs your lazy fruit beer story line or your god damn Hollister circa 2006 fashion sense. Just go away. 

I’m unsure what Craig will bring this year. I’m guessing John will be a total flop. What I do know is that I could live without the likes of Austen fighting over a woman who he LITERALLY can’t get out of bed for. Unless it’s to remove himself from the other woman or women in that bed. Be gone.


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