Southern Charm Star Craig Conover Says Austen Kroll’s Relationship With Madison LeCroy “Isn’t Good For Anyone”; Claims Their Status Changes Weekly

After a long delay, Southern Charm is finally gearing up for a new season. Thanks to the Rona and some cast members jumping ship, production was postponed and some even questioned if the show would return at all. We’ll see some new faces in the group, but other things apparently never change. So far, it seems Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll’s “relationship” will be heavily featured.

Hopefully viewers will be spared from watching Austen take part in any unsafe sexual engagements. That wouldn’t be proper social distancing during these trying times! While the crew tackles white privilege, surviving a pandemic in cargo shorts, and Kathryn Dennis, Craig Conover says relationship issues are still a thing. Now Craig details what’s in store for viewers, as the saga of Madison and Austen continues.

I’m not sure anyone expected Madison and Austen’s courtship to equal that of a Harlequin Romance novel. After catching your beloved in bed with two other women, the only place left to go is down. But that Madison must be persistent. After all, who doesn’t want an unemployed beer maker with questionable decision making skills?

According to Craig, Madison and Austen just can’t get it together. And it completely impacts the rest of the cast. Us Weekly shared his thoughts. “We all want to not be a part of it anymore, like, you can only lead a horse to water so much, but you can’t force them to drink and that’s just what it got to.” Translation: Austen and Madison act like middle schoolers and we’re over it. With the absence of an actual storyline, all they can do is get drunk and probably leave rage-filled voicemails. Isn’t young love grand?


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Austen and Madison have always been on shaky ground. There is not a lot of trust supporting the union, because THEY CHEAT ON EACH OTHER. But some folks have to learn the hard way. Craig admits the friend group got sucked into the drama. “It’s just not good for anyone. I think it affects his career, his business, his happiness, everything,” he said. Does Austen have a career or business to affect? I would be more concerned about Madison’s young child, but, priorities y’all!

Then Craig compares the tragedy of Mads and Austen to his failed relationship with Naomie Olindo. “When you have a trauma bond with someone, it takes up, you know, three-quarters of your brain and your thoughts and your emotions. It’s happened to me before.” Did we miss a trauma? Did someone go to war and forget to send a memo? Would “trauma” qualify as taking some dude back that very openly invited two women with low standards to his apartment?


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Craig continued, “It happened after I got out of my relationship with Naomie… I had to look at myself and be like, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ And you get out and you don’t make someone a priority that makes you a choice.” Austen and Madison tend to make alcohol a priority, not each other. These two are such a mess, Craig can’t place blame on an individual. “I love Madison. Austen has all the information he needs to make an adult decision and he chooses to stay with her. So you’ll see why though in this season that it’s still an issue.”

Hopefully this will be a season of growth and positive change for the Charmers. Where fans will witness elegant functions. Mature and comprehensive discussions with clear results. And most importantly, what life looks like without the fog of vodka clouding people’s moral compass. If that’s what you want, you might be on the wrong network. But if you’re looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love in too many places, stay tuned.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]