Southern Charm Recap: Food Festival And A Beer Bashing

Southern Charm is back, and it might be one of the best season’s yet. New cast members Leva Bonaparte and John Pringle are already bringing a fresher vibe that the show really needed. They’re on the path to make up for the slew of cast members we lost prior to the season. One thing that hasn’t changed however is how shady Shep Rose can be. It’s definitely looking like he purposely set up Madison LeCroy at his party.

Another source of tension in the group right now is Kathryn Dennis starting a rumor about Cameran Eubanks and her husband Jason Whimberly. Whether the cheating allegations are true or not remain to be seen, but she definitely did this with malicious intent. It’s wild that this was enough to send Cameran packing from the show. That kind of exit makes you wonder if the rumors were in fact true. We’re in for a crazy season.

Shep Rose Southern Charm

Shep’s party continues, and everyone is fawning over newbie John. Kathryn may find him attractive, but he already has his sights set on Madison I think. If Patricia Altschul can get her way, that’s exactly what will happen.

Leva finally arrives to the party, and she’s still pissed about Kathryn starting a rumor about Cameran’s marriage. I understand why Kathryn has disdain for Cameran, but this isn’t the way. It’s such a baseless rumor. Don’t stoop that low. The real Kathryn is back to play.

It’s odd to me that Kathryn is targeting Cameran for something from over four years ago. It just feels so odd and calculated to wait for this kind of attack. Leva wants to move forward with her, so she agrees to dead the issue. We’ll see how long that lasts. You’re officially on the bad side of Kathryn. That’s a volatile place to be.


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It’s so not okay the way Shep and Craig Conover speak about Madison’s sex life. This is disgusting “locker room” talk, and it’s further proof about how the “boys” of this show will never change. It’s as if they’re stuck in a frat boy mind frame for the rest of their lives. Grow up.

I’m already loving the new vibe John and Leva bring to the group. It was feeling a little stale, so it’s fun to have fresh faces in the mix. They’re already shaking things up. Leva is here to hold Kathryn accountable for her unhinged behavior, and John is already catching Madison’s eye. I’m intrigued.

Shep tells Madison he feels bad for the Peter and Liz ambush, and Madison looks beyond concerned. Austen Kroll has no clue that she slept with Peter. Well, he’s going to find out now! It’s been spread around the entire party like a bad STD. Get better friends or sleep outside of the circle.


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Austen Kroll Southern Charm

Outside of the party, Madison confesses to to Austen that she slept with Peter. Their recent reconciliation is already on the rocks with this revelation. Is anyone really that shocked though? I never thought they were going to work out because there’s always some sort of big drama with them.

The next day Austen and Madison discuss everything that went down. He feels super blindsided by the news of her sleeping with Peter. I understand he’s annoyed, but they technically weren’t together when it happened.

He should be more concerned about how messy Shep was at the party. Shep knew exactly what he was doing. It was a calculated ambush like it always is with Shep. However, he gets away with murder because he is charming and charismatic. Enough is enough!

Shep claims he feels awful about opening his mouth at the party about Peter and MadisonSure you do. Why even invite Peter & Liz if you didn’t have ill intent? This new girlfriend of yours isn’t changing you as much as you claim. Kudos to her though for being willing to put up with Peter Pan.


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Madison doesn’t want the Peter news to change her relationship with Austen, but I think it has. He doesn’t want to condemn her for it, but he is upset Shep knew and he didn’t. If you want to make the relationship work, block out what everyone else says. Their opinions don’t have to matter. Don’t let them ruin what you think you have.

Kathryn Dennis Southern Charm

Okay, but WHAT IS KATHRYN WEARING AT THE NAIL SALON? It’s something out of a ballerina nightmare. Danni Baird shows up, and they talk about the party from the night before. Kathryn tells Danni that John kissed her more than once after the party. Here we go! Love triangle alert! When Austen and Madison eventually (inevitably) break up, she’s going to go after John. Mark my words.

I almost threw up in my mouth when Kathryn told Danni she hooked up with Thomas Ravenel recently. How have you not learned your lesson with this man? You’re just as toxic as he is. It’s a disgusting cycle that they’re hellbent on repeating for some reason. They deserve each other.

I’m excited that Austen is finally finding some success with his beer. It’s in some of the hottest bars in Charleston which is a shock after how everyone doubted him. It’s about damn time.


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Austen explains to Whitney Sudler-Smith and Craig that he felt set up by Shep at the party. He was 100% set up by Peter Pan. The intent was to stir the pot and cause a rift in his relationship with Madison. Unfortunately, it appears to have working on at least some level.

I am really enjoying Leva. I know it’s a little early to form an opinion, but I think I’m a fan. We’ll see. Her kids are absolutely adorable! From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like she’s a great mom and wife. She has a boss energy about her, and I’m more than here for it. The amount of businesses she and her husband own is highly impressive. WORK!

When she first met her husband, a lot of people gawked at them because they’re a mixed race couple. Block out the negativity, and do you! You are the change this ass backwards town desperately needs! They are the power couple that Kathryn and Thomas could NEVER be. Yup, I really like her.

Austen ambushes Shep at the gym about the setup that went down at his party. Shep denies having any malicious intent, but it’s hard to believe the words coming out of his mouth. He actually apologizes which is a refreshing and new direction for him. It kind of stuns both Craig and Austen, so it gets dropped rather quickly.


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Perhaps Shep is actually going up. 40 years old is the new 18! Isn’t that the new saying? Time will tell if Shep is being genuine. I personally am not ready to buy into this act yet because he has a history of hostile behavior.

John Pringle Southern Charm

John meets with Patricia and Whitney, and the way they shame vodka is so odd to me. They call it dirty and gross, and it makes me question my life choices. Have I been a dirty and gross person all these years because y’all know I enjoy some vodka every now and then.

I’ll never understand the hype around Patricia and Whitney. They’re both elitist, and their snooty attitude radiates through the television screen. They may be the big Whigs of that town, but I’m less than impressed.

Patricia plants a seed in John’s mind about Madison and her collision course toward a breakup. It’s seriously so rude the way she puts down Austen’s beer business. He’s out there trying to make s**t work, and all you can do is look down on him. Who even are you in this world? Outside of THAT town, who gives a flying f**k about you? I’ll wait for that answer.


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It’s time for the Food & Wine Festival, and I’m having major FOMO. Bryce (me) LOVES to eat and drink, so this is my kind of event. I’d pick this over whatever Shep’s weird party was anyway. Please don’t drag me for my weird Craig inspired third person dialogue.

Shep Rose Southern Charm

Everyone is at the festival to support Austen and his beer, and people are LOVING it. Prove the elitist haters wrong. I’m not the biggest fan of Austen, but I love seeing Patricia proved wrong. She just grinds my gears in the worst way. Also, I need to get my hands on this beer and finally try it myself.

For someone who claims to not like beer, Kathryn sure is downing them quite fast. I don’t think you’re supposed to down it like it’s a shot of tequila. Slow down girl. No wonder you’re always such a mess.

John is doing his best to flirt with both Kathryn and Madison at this event. However, John reveals in his interview that Madison is way more his type. Regardless of how thirsty Kathryn is right now, she’s not going to snag this guy. His eyes are firmly set on Madison. Austen needs to have his guard up. This guy isn’t going to be your friend.


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Shep finally shows up despite Madison’s hope that he wouldn’t. The vibe is incredibly awkward. Does he have yet another ambush planned for them? What are his intentions? I say it a lot, but I don’t feel like he can ever be trusted. Always up to no good.

He apologizes to Madison, but Austen doesn’t want the conversation at the festival. Wrong time and wrong place for sure. They’re both being so embarrassing right now. Austen is having his big moment right now, and they’re acting like total assholes. Respect Austen’s wishes, and have this conversation at a different time.

I wasn’t on Shep’s side, but Madison is now being the aggressor. She’s the one acting like a dog with a bone and refusing to let this go for the time being. You were asked to shut your mouths, and neither of you can drop it. I’d throw both of them out of my booth if they didn’t listen to what I was saying. Screw THAT.


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