Teddi Mellencamp

As one of the people who was pumped to find out that Teddi Mellencamp got fired from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (even though Erika Jayne brought even less to the table in recent years), I was just hoping she would fade into the background.

However (like almost every other reality TV cast member), Teddi has a podcast. She’s also running her extremely questionable “accountability coach business.” Given all of the controversy surrounding her program, we really don’t need Teddi to get any more influence, in real life or on social media.

According to Monsters and Critics, Teddi shared some of her career goals during her Teddi Tea Pod podcast.

Teddi shared, “My ultimate dream – just to put it in the universe – is I would love to be on a morning show or do something like that.” Ugh. Who’s asking for that?


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Considering that Teddi reportedly had her All In Customers take photos of their food and eat soups as a splurge, we don’t need Teddi giving us lifestyle advice every morning. But, her dream is picking up steam. She recently shared her “recipe” for chicken lettuce cups for the Hallmark Channel.

To be honest, I like Teddi a lot more ever since she got tired, especially since she actually admitted she got fired from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills instead of pretending that it was a mutual decision to part ways from the reality TV show that brought in so many customers to her “business.”


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She always woke up early in the morning on cast trips to work out. Even when she was pregnant. And, even when she wasn’t pregnant and the cast got wasted the night before, she was still up early. So, clearly, she’s a morning person, but I’m not ready for that to be on my TV.

I’m really not trying to wake up, drink my morning coffee, and hear not-funny anecdotes from Teddi. Hasn’t she already done enough to annoy us? What happened to “absence makes the heart grow fonder”? Maybe we will all end up liking her more if she just takes a break from TV for a bit.


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