Real Housewives Of New York Alum Carole Radziwill Says Tinsley Mortimer Caused Drama In Cartagena Because Of A Glam Squad

Carole Radziwill hasn’t stopped talking about Real Housewives of New York since she left. After her exit, Carole used every play in the petty ex- handbook to keep the attention. She has spontaneously accused her former co-stars of doing hard drugs while filming. She went after Andy Cohen for taking Bethenny Frankel’s side during their friendship feud. And since we all remember that she had the most unnecessary grudge with Tinsley Mortimer, let’s not forget how she flamed her publicly too.

I don’t really get why Carole is still trying to get into the RHONY mix, but I’m here for all the details. And like a cat to a couch from the 60’s, she just. won’t. quit.

Allure published an essay of Carole’s where she dishes even more details on her former friends. This time she reaches so far as to go for the women’s glam squads. Carole wrote, “When I joined the franchise in 2011, The Real Housewives of New York City had been on the air for four seasons. Facebook and Twitter were no longer novelties.”

She blamed social media for revolutionizing “the way we present ourselves to the world.”

Carole added, “Until then my experience with glam could have been summed up in two words: ‘What’s glam?'”


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It is fascinating to compare the wives pre- and post- the social media boom. The ability to see and interact with reality stars amped up the energy of the show. We’ve had whole story lines around Twitter fights on almost every franchise by now! It’s unavoidable.

Carole continued, “In my first season of RHONY, I, along with most of the season five cast, did not get my makeup done professionally for each scene I filmed. It wasn’t until midway through season six — incidentally, also the year we all joined Instagram — that I recall glam becoming the rule and not the exception.” A rule not an exception?! That must be a RHONY thing because Real Housewives of Beverly Hills certainly did not get that memo. 


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Carole gave even more details, “It all started with a ruined blow-dry in the Berkshires: When Kristen [Taekman] splashed water on Ramona [Singer]’s fresh blowout, and Ramona went, well, berserk, we knew that a new standard of glam had arrived.” She admitted, “it was difficult to watch yourself on a high-definition TV screen and not want to make improvements.” 

Carole shared, “By the time I left, after season 10, glam teams were part of our everyday life on camera.”

She said producers paid for glam if they could film it. She recalled, “We were shown getting Botox injections to smooth our foreheads, chemical peels to tighten our skin, lasers to reduce ass fat. I was once filmed getting a Brazilian bikini wax — legs up! It seemed nothing was off-limits.”


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This semi-sob story was yet another set up for Carole to once again slam dunk on Tinsley. She lamented, “When Tinsley flew her glam team with her for a group trip to Cartagena, all hell broke loose.”

This was because “they were there for Tinsley only.”


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Carole claimed, “Glam-gate provided lots of drama, though none of it ever aired.” She continued, “Apparently, getting your makeup done for a dinner in New York was fine.” However, “flying your glam team on location to film a TV show was too over the top, even for Bravo. It is reality, after all.” Okay, Carole.

And not to leave her other former pal, Bethenny out, Carole wrote, “When I cut my hair short in my last season, Bethenny seized on it to say how my values had suddenly changed and all I cared about was glam and dresses. Fourteen years into the Housewives phenomenon, we’ve seen haircuts get weaponized and fake lashes get normalized. And, trust me, nothing irritates another Housewife more than their frenemy showing up in a better outfit. Let’s face it, the culture of glam isn’t always so pretty.”


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Shouldn’t the writer girl have something else to write about by now?


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