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Teresa Giudice’s New Man Louie Ruelas Previously Accused Of Abusive And Controlling Behavior By Ex-Fiancée

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is one of the few remaining true OGs. Teresa has given us everything from contentious family life, blatant stupidity financial issues, and jail. We’ve seen Tre experience the joy of giving birth and the heartbreak of having bread and water for a daytime snack.

Viewers also watched the deterioration of Teresa and Joe Giudice’s 20 year marriage. Teresa stood by Juicy Joe through cheating rumors, bad business deals, and losing teeth. Ultimately, the strain of the couple’s mutual prison time was too taxing on their relationship. Teresa and Joe’s divorce was final in September 2020. Freshly dating in your late 40’s is no party and Teresa has been taking it slow. After flirting with the pool guy for a minute, Tre has gone public with the newest man in her life. You know what that means! Now Luis “Louie” Ruelas’ closet door is wiiiide open.

Any marriage ending is sad, but it wasn’t reasonable to think Joe and Teresa could make major repairs after he was shipped off to Italy. The couple made the collective decision to part ways and remain devoted to parenting their four beautiful dorters. Joe has moved on with a lawyer he is currently retaining seeing and Teresa has had her foot in the dating pool for a while, but didn’t want to admit it.

Recently, Teresa was seen with Louie at a sporting event where I’m sure everyone was wearing masks and practicing safe social distancing. Louie’s arm was around Tre’s waist as they watched the game. Approximately 5 seconds after Louie’s name was released to the public, the skeletons lined up in formation.


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According to The Sun, Tre’s new man has a blemish on his relationship scorecard. New Jersey court papers show Louie’s ex-fiancée claimed he engaged in “controlling and abusive behavior”. In the lawsuit, she stated: “In October 2019, [Louie] abandoned [his ex] in Provincetown, Massachusetts and then padlocked [his ex] out of the [New Jersey] home that they shared.” Great, sounds like a real winner.

The ex also claimed Louie would buy her gifts to keep her from leaving him. “After some other instances of controlling, abusive behavior, [Louie] gave [his ex] various gifts to induce [her] to continue her relationship with [Louie].” Louie allegedly formed a social worker company as a “gift” to her with the “representation” that she would have complete authority. Instead, she says Louie “arrogated unto himself” sole control over the company.


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Louie’s former love accused him of doing this “with the intent to destroy and tortuously interfere with [her] business as a licensed social worker and to seek personal revenge against [her].” Further, she claimed his actions regarding the business was done “with intent to cause [her] to suffer severe mental distress.” She also said Louie threatened to damage her degree in social work and her license as a social worker. Sheesh, sounds like a real pleasant dude.

The ex requested a temporary restraining order stopping him from having control over the business, website, and email. She also asked for compensation and costs for attorney fees. Curiously, on May 20, the lawsuit was dismissed. Discussion time! Why did she dismiss the suit? Did he pay her off? Is Louie the Sleeping With the Enemy type, or is this the product of a vivid imagination?


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Teresa may have the ability to overlook certain… indiscretions, but would she ride or die for another total bastard? Teresa has been behind bars! She has street cred! She knows yoga! While it’s to be expected info would come pouring out of the woodwork, it’s too early to make concrete judgements. But, Louie better watch his step. The skeletons travel single file to hide their numbers and there’s no door to stop them from coming out now.


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