Jennifer Aydin Comments On Teresa Giudice & Melissa Gorga’s Relationship: Says They Are “Not The Best Of Friends”

Jennifer Aydin has been delivering the drama on Real Housewives of New Jersey this season. She called Jackie Goldschneider cheap because of the birthday party that she gave her kids. Then, once Jennifer discovered that Jackie had family money, subjected Jackie to a financial interrogation that would make a detective proud. Jennifer squabbled with Margaret Josephs about whether Jennifer really has a job as a stay at home mom, or just has a nanny.

Once again, Jennifer and Melissa Gorga ended up fighting at a restaurant. Jennifer tossed her silverware at Melissa while Melissa was defending RHONJ co-star Jackie. I don’t think that Jennifer and Melissa will ever be besties. I also don’t think that the RHONJ cast is ever destined to finish a meal in peace. Once Jennifer swigs that tequila, all bets are off! I think that the only person Jennifer hasn’t had a beef with is her bestie, Teresa Giudice.

Teresa and her sister-in-law, Melissa, seemed to have made strides in their relationship this season, and they were pretty harmonious for the most part. One person still standing between them is Teresa’s friend, Danielle Staub. Joe Gorga stepped up as a father figure for Teresa’s daughters in the wake of Joe Giudice’s deportation debacle.

On a recent Watch What Happens Live After Show, host Andy Cohen welcomed Jennifer as a guest. In one video clip, a caller wanted to know all about Melissa and Teresa’s relationship. The caller said, “So, I love to see Teresa and Melissa sticking up for each other and acting like family. But I kind of want to know your take. It’s hard for me to gage [on…]”


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The caller continued, “You know, is this really them seeing each other as blood? Is this because Teresa really needs family right now? Do you think it’s…like they’re true sisters? What’s your vibe on that?”

“I think they definitely get along a lot better than they once did, and at the end of the day, Teresa appreciates the fact that this is her brother’s wife and she’s not going anywhere so they make do,” Jennifer explained. “But they’re not the best of friends, to be honest. No.” Is Jennifer sorry about the shade she just threw at Melissa? Or not sorry?


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I hate to see this season of RHONJ end, but I am ready to see what goes down between Danielle and Teresa. It has to be that Danielle told Melissa that Teresa instigated the mother of all ponytail pulls, right? Stay tuned!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]