Kelly Dodd’s Mother Has Coronavirus And Is In ICU

I’m not entirely sure what happened to Kelly Dodd, but she has gone from loudmouth, goodtime girl on Real Housewives of Orange County to well, a disease-denying stalker. No snark, just going with what Kelly gives the public. Kelly hasn’t been doing too many favors for her fans, the people who have supported her regardless of what comes out of her mouth.

Kelly, who is not a scientist, virologist, or physician, seems to think the worldwide pandemic known as Coronavirus isn’t a thing. After numerous social media posts discounting the disease and lowkey making fun of people who protect themselves from dying, now the Rona has directly impacted Kelly’s family. This is where you might think Kelly has a change of heart and walks back her erroneous comments on COVID. This is also where you would be wrong.

According to Kelly’s brother Eric Meza, their mother Bobbi Meza has contracted COVID and is currently in ICU. Fun fact, the Intensive Care Unit in hospitals caters to patients with severe or life-threatening illnesses and injuries, which require constant care, close supervision from life support equipment and medication in order to ensure normal bodily functions. In other words, if someone is in ICU, it isn’t because they are doing well medically.

Us Weekly shared Eric’s request for prayers during Bobbi’s illness. On Instagram, Eric wrote, “Prayers needed for my mother. Thank you. She is in ICU.” I hate it when a hoax turns out to be a viral contagion. Queens of Bravo posted an Instagram Story of Eric’s stating, “Prayers for my mother. She has COVID-19.” It appears Kelly is currently disputing the whereabouts of her sick mom. Kelly replied to Eric’s post with, “Mom has me blocked! JR said she’s not in ICU.” I love it when a family is on the same page in times of crisis.


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I don’t think this is Karma’s way of saying “I told you so” to Kelly, but it would be great if this served as a proper lightbulb moment for someone who initially said Coronavirus is “God’s way of thinning the heard”. Unfortunately, this might be the hill Kelly chooses to nap on. Side-note, Eric’s Twitter account is currently suspended – so it’s doubtful Kelly is the only one in her fam with alternative views on healthcare.

Before Eric’s account was wiped, he replied to Kelly with, “JR doesn’t know shit! She is in ICU! I took her!” I’m thinking these people need to communicate via telephone because social media just isn’t working out for them. Bobbi blocked Kelly, Eric is suspended from Twitter, and apparently JR doesn’t know shit. Get it together guys.


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Kelly’s future with Bravo might be questionable. Her less than sensitive comments about the Rona caused her to fall out of favor with those who stuck up for her in the past. Queens of Bravo also shared this enlightening exchange Kelly had with a follower. A fan asked Kelly if she thinks this is still God’s way of thinning the herd. Kelly replied, “She’s not dying abd [sic] she’s not on a ventilator. It’s her blood sugars we are worried about.” When someone questioned if Kelly would now take mask-wearing seriously, Kelly answered, “She [Bobbi] wears a mask full time and got the virus. I’ve never been sick or gotten anyone sick.” Le sigh.

The only thing left to do is wish a speedy recovery and good health to Kelly’s mom. Regardless of views, it is imperative proper precautions are taken to avoid quarantine, a lovely ICU stay, or death. Thankfully Dolly Parton is out here saving us all and with any luck, a vaccine should be available by 2021. Hopefully Kelly can avoid future crass comments surrounding a massive health scare, and perhaps when Bobbi is discharged from the hospital, she might finally unblock her daughter.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]