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Kelly Dodd Implies She’s Banned From Watch What Happens Live; Is She Being Phased Out Of Real Housewives?

What can you say about Kelly Dodd? Kelly has proven to be both a lover and a fighter, in that she loves herself and fights with everyone else. Some people find the Real Housewives of Orange County star abrasive and difficult to get along with. Others find her an open chasm of misinformation and delusion that is willingly shared with a wide audience.

Kelly has weathered many storms and personal attacks. She wound up with fan support after fired Vicki Gunvalson accused her of doing blow and Tamra Judge lodged a sex train rumor with Kelly’s name attached. Unfortunately, that support now seems to be… withering. As a result of some sketchy social media posts, Kelly has fallen out of favor. There’s even a whole petition on the streets to get her fired from RHOC. Recently Kelly implied she isn’t welcome on certain Bravo shows, and that has folks wondering if Ms. Dodd is on her 14th minute.

It is most certainly within everyone’s right to have their own opinion. But sometimes Kelly doesn’t share her opinions in the most delicate manner. While it is not uncommon for celebrities to confess their personal views on current events, Kelly seems to be missing a sensitivity chip. Her thoughts on COVID are less than scientific and she tends to suffer from not knowing when to quit.

Along with her theories on the pandemic, less than eloquent thoughts on racism, and a lot of free time to humiliate her co-workers, Kelly finds herself in a precarious position. There is no shame in having different sentiments than others, but Kelly needs a whirlwind course on public relations. According to realhousewivesfranchise on Instagram, Kelly might finally be getting the hint. A fan posted a pic of Kelly with the caption, “The only RH that isn’t a sheep like the rest of the Bravo peeps. FINALLY! Love it.”


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I’m guessing “sheep” is in reference to the fact that science is a thing and wearing a mask is a nod towards not catching a highly viral contagion. Then there is the pocket of people who have decided being healthy is an infringement on their rights and being asked to don PPE turns you into an Age of Aquarius singing, burning your bra hippie. Kelly replied to her follower, “That’s why I haven’t been on WWHL but Shannon Beador will be on twice next week…” Oh look, a conspiracy theory. Color me shocked. But could it be true? Is Andy Cohen forbidding Kelly from the hallowed halls of Watch What Happens Live? THE HORROR.

Having conservative or liberal opinions doesn’t make you a bad person but denying a virus that is killing people might make you an idiot. Bravo could probably care less about the politics and more about the stupidity at this juncture. Kelly has dug herself deeper into a hole by not really getting along with the rest of the RHOC cast. With the murmurings of Tamra rising like a ghost from the misty waters of Bass Lake, Kelly could be on her way to the unemployment line. So can Kelly come back from this, or has the countdown begun? T-minus 14, 13, 12…


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