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Lala Kent Says It Was “Gross” And “Harassment” When Kelly Dodd Filmed Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s License Plates; Lala Wonders If She Will Be ‘The Next Victim Of Kelly Dodd’ For Speaking Out

The off-screen drama between Kelly Dodd and Braunwyn Windham-Burke is heating up. They unfollowed each other on Instagram, which isn’t the biggest deal. Braunwyn claimed that Kelly and Emily Simpson unfollowed her because of their different political beliefs.

Kelly slammed Braunwyn for traveling all over during a pandemic, without her seven kids. She also said that the kids spend much more time with the nanny than they do with Braunwyn. She called Braunwyn a “poser” and a “loser” who’s “never done anything in her life.” The latest? Kelly shared photos of Braunwyn’s license plates and raised questions about Braunwyn doing something shady with her taxes since she lives in California, but she has Florida plates. In response, social media users accused Kelly of doxxing Braunwyn. Now, Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is chiming in because, well, she knows a thing or two about slamming a co-star on social media. Just ask Scheana Shay. She’s been on the receiving end of Lala’s vitriol, plenty of times.

On an episode of her podcast Give Them Lala… With Randall, Lala explained the RHOC drama to her fiancé Randall Emmett. Lala began, “There’s this woman on the show, her name is Kelly Dodd, and she’s awesome to watch, OK? She really is because she’s that crazy. Me being someone who has also been crazy on and off Vanderpump Rules, you know I take it to the internet and social media, so I can understand what she’s doing when she’s doing these things.” That’s for sure.

Braunwyn said, “She went on a freaking rampage on Braunwyn. It’s always somebody.” Pot, meet kettle, much?


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Then, Lala claimed, “Granted when I was doing this shit, I was like 25, not mid-forties.” Slow your roll, Lauryn from Utah Lala. You did went off on Scheana several times via Instagram very recently.

Lala continued, “So, right now, she’s attacking Braunwyn. She was like passing by her house, filming her license plates, asking her if she pays taxes because she has Florida plates. And I thought it was so gross.” Agreed. Lala said, “I don’t like when reality TV stars don’t know the difference between when you’re filming and now you’re like kind of harassing people. It’s like, calm down.” Again, I agree, but the irony of Lala lecturing someone about calling out a co-star on social media isn’t lost on me.


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Lala said, “Don’t film someone’s fucking license plates, a woman who is on TV, who has children. Why are you doing that? Why are you filming her license plates?” Absolutely agree.

She said, “Kelly, of course, was like ‘What? They’re license plates of a Florida address that she doesn’t live in.’ And I’m like, it’s still just an invasion of privacy. Like, you’re done filming the season. Like take a rest, you know?” And, now, you lost me again. Lala advising someone to take a rest between social media jobs between filming? That’s like me turning to Tristan Thompson for relationship advice or asking Robyn Dixon for accounting tips.


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Lala proclaimed, “When cameras up, we don’t need to draw the line. You’re getting paid. I’m getting paid. Let’s do the damn thing. When cameras shut down and they’re like ‘great season, guys,’ give it a fucking rest. Please, give it a rest.” Again, pot meet kettle.

Then, Lala admitted, “And, I also have a soft spot for Braunwyn because I know when we spoke to her, she was like 200 and 90-something days sober. It’s like, don’t fuck with Braunwyn right now, alright?” Considering that Lala is a sober reality TV star as well, it makes sense that she would understand how that makes things extra difficult Braunwyn amidst this mess.


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Lala said, “Braunwyn has bigger things to deal with than you, Kelly Dodd.”

After switching topics for a while, Lala revisited this one, admitting, “All I’m thinking about is ‘Am I gonna be the next victim of Kelly Dodd‘?” That’s when Randall said, “Well, dude, you just lit her up, so I mean, what do you think is gonna happen?” Exactly.

Lala said, “Kelly, it’s nothing personal, babe.” Oh, girl. We all know that’s not gonna fly with Kelly.


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