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Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Whips, Chains, And Character Assassins

The Portugal fun is almost over for The Real Housewives of Potomac. It was a much needed vacation away from the chaotic drama back home. However, the fun and excitement is about to come to a screeching halt. Ashley Darby wrote a statement against Candiace Dillard Bassett on behalf of Monique Samuels. Once Candiace learns this bit of information, the current peace in the group is over.

There’s an underlying level of tension in the group ever since the incident at the barn. In a perfect world, people shouldn’t have to take sides when something like this goes down. However, it’s not a perfect world. Both Candiace and Monique want people within the group to see things from their POV. Unfortunately for Candiace, Monique may be winning over Karen Huger. La Dame might actually be La Backstabber.

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

For once Gizelle Bryant is right. There will never be another friendship between Ashley and Candiace. This is all about getting even for Ashley. We all know Monique protected her by never releasing the video last season. Don’t even play. Candiace is going to RIP into Ashley when this all comes out, and rightfully so.

It’s disappointing that Ashley is taking it to this level because it appeared like she and Candiace were making progress. Why would you want to break the peace like that? You either make up or you don’t. Don’t come at someone a year later looking for petty revenge.

The ladies have a little photoshoot by the water, and they rock it. This cast is beyond beautiful. The cast photo from this season is quite possibly the best of all time. BUT NOW WE SAID IT.

The cast shooting an impromptu music video to Candiace’s song is everything I needed tonight and more. You really don’t get more iconic than that. It’s just a shame that Ashley is about to send the group morale plummeting down once they learn about the letter. Monique is ruining the mood for everyone even though she’s not there.


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Candiace tells Gizelle she views Karen differently now following the Monique incident. She’s unsure whether or not she still trusts her. Candiace believed Karen to be her closest ally in the group, and she’s up Monique’s ass. Playing Switzerland after a violent assault like that is a dangerous position to be in. Are you condoning violence Grand Dame?

Karen is so open about her marriage this season, and it’s added such a new layer to her. For many years she felt closed off and a little snotty about her personal life. However, now that she’s finally opening up, I have so much more respect. It’s given us a greater insight into who she is as a person. FINALLY.

Bless that entire restaurant for dealing with all of the women taking photos of their breasts at the table. It’s a hilarious moment but a little ominous since we know what’s to come. In just a short time, s**t is going to hit the fan when Ashley reveals her character statement against Candiace.

Robyn Dixon Real Housewives Of Potomac

Robyn Dixon shows the ladies the photos of them wearing her hats on her website. Karen’s photos have been left out. Sorry about your luck. Robyn says it doesn’t match the vibe of the website, but it feels sort of like age shaming or petty revenge.


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Is it because Karen is of a certain age? Is it because you’ve never liked her and wanted to start some drama? No matter the reason, it’s incredibly rude to exclude her from the finished results. She showed up and did that for you, and you wasted her time.

I don’t know what to make about Gizelle’s relationship with Jamal Bryant. Karen might’ve been on to something when she said he lives in her phone. He’s never around. What are you hiding? Why do you always keep your men away from the group? Sketch.

Karen Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

At lunch Karen announces her new wig line, but not everyone is supportive. Gizelle feels as if Karen is launching a new business all the time. This is literally her second new business. Gizelle, what do you have? Do we need to discuss your failed beauty line? I didn’t think so. Girl, bye.

Karen is having a launch party for her new wig line, and Robyn asks the million dollar question. “Are you inviting Monique?” To Candiace’s relief, she is not. Bringing Monique around the other women is just a horrible idea right now. Tensions are still running high. There is a dark cloud hanging over everyone following the incident at the barn.


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This dominatrix party is giving me enough life to sustain me forever. I’m more than here for this. Candiace wins in the outfit department for this party. Hands down. She is NOT here to play. She’s a little bit too comfortable in this outfit. Chris Bassett and his brown penis are a lucky duo.

Karen reveals her favorite place to be touched on her body is her vagina. Damn, Karen. That’s more than I ever needed to know about her. Between that and her vibrating pillow, this is way more intimate than I ever wanted to be with Karen. Don’t do this to me. STOP.

Robyn is another one that is really embracing her persona at this party. We met her alter ego earlier this season, and now this. I think Robyn is a little bit more freaky than any of us ever realized. Juan Dixon, I see why you’re giving this relationship another shot.

Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

The good time everyone is having at the party is about to go to hell because Ashley is spilling the beans. Wendy Osefo immediately calls out Ashley for trying to assassinate Candiace’s character. That’s EXACTLY what she’s trying to do here. She’s doing it for revenge. She wants to get back at her following everything they’ve been through.


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What happened to trying to move forward and build a friendship? Candiace flips out and feels like this will affect her on a deeper level. Wendy calls Ashley a snake for her actions, and she’s on point with this assessment.

Ashley owes Monique, and everyone knows it. Who is willing to bet that the video footage from Monique’s home would suddenly surface if she didn’t have her back?

Karen tries to explain to Candiace that Monique has been told to apologize by her. Candiace isn’t having ANY of that. Monique is terrified to go to jail and have her perfect image tarnished. She claims to have insider knowledge about the fight that nobody else has.

Her insider knowledge was a total crock of s**t. It was about Candiace admitting she threw a wine glass at Monique. She did that in self defense because of the way Monique refused to let go of her. How is that not enough to wash your hands of her? She has shown zero remorse to this point.


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Watching Candiace break down over the incident is gut wrenching. I did not realize it hurt her at this level and to her deepest core. She said she’s on anxiety meds because of this.

I understand Ashley being Team Monique. I really do. Ashley and Candiace have never really gotten along, and she’s always had a closer friendship with Monique. Alright that’s fine.

However, Karen being more Team Monique than Candiace is a little bit baffling. Candiace has done nothing wrong to Karen. What has led to this shift? Something smells like bulls**t to me.


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