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Southern Charm Season 7 Trailer Released; Cast Addresses White Privilege, Kathryn Dennis’ Drinking, And Thomas Ravenel’s New Baby

It seemed touch and go there for a minute, but Southern Charm is returning. The show faced some hardships prior to it’s comeback. Kathryn Dennis decided to imply Cameran Eubanks’ husband was playing doctor with a side-piece, so Cam quit the program. Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner also jumped ship, rather than face another 13 episodes of Kathryn’s high drama. Eliza Limehouse also opted to not come back, but if I hadn’t mentioned it, would you have noticed?

While Thomas Ravenel has been gone for eons, his spirit lingers on. He doesn’t show up, but he is certainly talked about. Madison LeCroy has a new set of extensions and she isn’t afraid to use them. Mads is now a full cast member and appears to be well-versed in the formula of reality television. We also meet newbies John Pringle and Cameran’s buddy Leva Bonaparte. Under the haze of a summer filled with a pandemic, battles over race relations, and questions about sobriety, it looks like we might actually have a season.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was unsure if we would make it to this point. Major filming delays and cast upset, along with COVID-19 appeared to put this show in a delicate position. It might have been circling the drain, but they pulled it together. Yesterday, the Season 7 trailer was released and it seems pretty feisty.

People shared the first look and the drama speaks for itself. Kathryn is back, because, of course she is. She’s also no longer pretending to be sober. Cut to Kathryn taking a shot and then saying, “Oh my god, what is she doing? She’s off the wagon!” We get it, the era of Kathryn’s redemption has passed. Also returning is Austen Kroll with didn’t-you-give-her-chlamydia Madison.


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To say Austen and Madison’s relationship is unstable is putting it mildly. But in all fairness to Madison, it might be easier to get along with a bowl of oatmeal. At one point in the trailer, Mads mocks Austen and calls him a “beta bitch”. That’s going in my back pocket to use at a later time…

Shep Rose is still around, where else would he go though? We see Shep suffering from the fallout of the pandemic and a tease that someone in their friend group tested positive for the virus. Our favorite pillow-making non-lawyer Craig Conover will be present to gift us with his amazing works of embroidery and conflict resolution. Thankfully Danni Baird shows up to continue the exercise in futility that is friendship with Kathryn. I wish Danni would come on board full time, but she probably has a few active brain cells left and wants to keep it that way.


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As for the new cast members, John Pringle struggles with the decision to make a move on Madison. But Cammy’s old friend from The Republic, Leva, is the one to watch. Leva is shown questioning Kathryn about racism after she sent a monkey emoji to a black radio show host she was corresponding with. Viewers will also see the sensitive environment surrounding people of color living in a very Southern town, while dealing with a very Confederate atmosphere.

We see Leva challenging Kathryn on “living your entire life in a bubble of white privilege”, then we see the removal of a public statue of one of Kathryn’s ancestors. Leva clearly threw away the “suck up to Kathryn” memo and did not look back.


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This season looks to be filled with drama, social discourse, and whatever Kathryn is currently imbibing doing. The content looks pretty good, despite the trials and tribulations it took to get the show filmed. Southern Charm will be back on Thursday, October 29 at 9pm on Bravo.

Watch the Southern Charm Trailer below.


[Photo Credit: John Valkos/Tommy Garcia/Bravo]