Bethenny Frankel Goes On Plastic Surgery Tirade; Compares Ramona Singer to Film ‘Death Becomes Her’

Well damn, if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. I guess Bethenny Frankel has taken some time off from saving the world and decided to go in on one of her colleagues. I thought she was supposed to be busy with all of these new and amazing career opportunities but maybe she’s having a little holiday break.

Since bailing on Real Housewives of New York, Bethenney pops up now and again. Unfortunately she’s usually taking time out of her hectic schedule to slam someone else. Most recently it was Andy Cohen, who she said “rewards bad behavior“, which is hypocrisy at it’s finest. Until now, that is. Bethenney is currently speaking out about plastic surgery and blasting Ramona Singer. That’s right darlings, Bethenney is coming for someone who changed their face.

Maintaining positive rapport with former co-workers is a good idea, but Beth might not care when it involves Ramona. Recently, Bethenny had a attention-seeking smack-talking rant about plastic surgery and dragged Ramona’s name through the mud. During a podcast, Bethenny waxed poetic about the negative side of having cosmetic work done.

Us Weekly has the details. Bethenny said, “When I get upset with people with all the filtering and all of the fake lives and pretending everything’s perfect and then they contour their waist, etc. I just feel that that’s not truthful and it makes people feel bad about themselves.” Says the person who launched a product called Skinnygirl. Allow me to repeat, SKINNYGIRL.


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Bethenny added, “If you look good and you’re f–king 55 or 60 and you look young it’s not because you ate placentas or because you drank water or used Ponds skincare.” Says the person who has an entirely new jawline. But then she went after Ramona. “Or Ramona — she’s like Death Becomes Her — she’s gonna be 95 and she’s gonna be in the goddamn box saying, ‘It’s just Ramona’s skincare.’ It’s like, the jig is up!” Wow, Bethenny, wow. Between 2008 and now, Bethenny could apply for the witness protection program, but okay. Do we have an itemized list of her procedures?

Dorinda Medley previously slammed Mona during the Season 12 reunion when she said Ramona was a “PSA for a bad facelift.” Naturally Ramona credits her Ageless by Ramona skincare line for her youthful glow. I guess if Ramona wants to attribute her new eyes, neck, and chin to Ageless by Ramona, that’s her prerogative. Or is it? Bethenny thinks it would be more empowering to women to admit going under the knife.


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Bethenny explained, “That’s why I think there’s a lot of that anger on social media and why people are coming out to me saying, ‘Yeah, what about all the plastic surgery?’ But I think if I was honest about it like, ‘Listen, I’ve worked hard, I wanted to do this because of this’ and maybe people will save up and I guess in non-cosmopolitan New York overpriced cities, there are payment plans and lesser expensive options, but I just want to talk about it because I feel like it’s a taboo thing.”

Who are these people approaching Bethenny about the subterfuge of plastic surgery? And who are these people watching any Bravo show thinking women’s faces naturally morph into something completely different with the aid of a skin cream?


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So does Bethenny think her good buddy Kyle Richards really broke her nose? I guess she did after someone tapped twice on it. Is Bethenny truly challenged by this topic or was it convenient for her to bring up Ramona’s name? As for Ramona, she will be returning to RHONY and possibly a new career, with whatever face shows up with her.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]