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Ramona Singer Reacts To Carole Radziwill Quitting Real Housewives Of New York; Says Bethenny Frankel Pushes The Cast Away

Ramona Singer Reacts To Carole Radziwill Quitting Real Housewives Of New York; Says Bethenny Frankel Pushes The Cast Away

This season of Real Housewives of New York is all about Carole Radziwill vs. Bethenny Frankel. The drama is still playing out (on screen), but Carole just announced her departure from the show. Does that mean she “won” or “lost” the battle? How does Bethenny feel about Carole leaving the Real Housewife life behind?

There are no answers to those questions- yet-but there is one thing that is certain: Ramona Singer is sad that Carole is leaving the show. These two never seemed particularly close, but Carole is the only one who can go toe to toe with Bethenny, so at the very least it would make sense for Ramona to want her around next season.

During last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Ramona told Andy Cohen, “I don’t want to cry and ruin my makeup, but I’m sad. You know what, I love Carole.”

Then Ramona gave out the most compliments she ever has during her ten year history as a reality TV star: “I think she’s really warm, special, down to earth, truthful, giving, kind, supportive of women, genuine, smart, fabulous. I’m like wow. I’m gonna miss not being with her next season. It’s gonna be a void. It’s gonna be a void for me.” On the bright side, no one will have to hear about running a marathon for five+ episodes.

Ramona Singer says the cast “tolerates Bethenny’s antics”

Of course the talk about Carole meant that Ramona would be asked about Bethenny. Ramona claimed, “She abandons us. She kind of pushes us all away.  You can’t get close to Bethenny.”

She explained, “Bethenny is just really hard to get close to. She brings you in and then she brings you out. I think it’s just maybe her upbringing that she’s afraid to get close to someone. As soon as there’s something a little bit wrong, she pushes you away. I don’t know. It’s very complicated.”

The other major (yet unexpected) argument that went down during the last Real Housewives of New York episode was between Luann de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley– over drinking of all topics. Andy pointed out to Ramona, “You tried to play mediator there.”

Ramona told him, “Yeah. I had an interesting season. I didn’t really get into the thick of it. I was always trying to have a makeup and make peace. I really just didn’t want to get into the fray of it. I didn’t want to pick a side with Luann and Dorinda.” She added, “They were both kind of- in my opinion- a little wrong.” She concluded, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Luann de Lesseps reaches a plea deal

A viewer asked Ramona, “Why did you stand up for Luann so hard? Do you think Luann would do the same for you?” A visibly confused Ramona answered that question with another question: “When did I stand up for Luann?”

Andy couldn’t believe that Ramona didn’t know that she was being asked about the episode that just aired. He reminded her, “Tonight.” Ramona told him, “I just didn’t know if you meant the show tonight.” He clarified, “Tonight on the Real Housewives of New York City… the show you’re on.”

Ramona was not amused by his sarcasm and she just said “Andy” while she glared at him. He came right back with, “Ramona, my hair was black when I met you ten years ago.” That feels like a whole lifetime ago.

Ramona finally answered the question (sort of): “I felt bad for Luann. I know she was coming out of a place where she wasn’t feeling comfortable. She just got out of rehab. I felt that Dorinda is a very strong woman. I’m not saying what Dorinda did was wrong or right, but I felt bad for Luann, yes.” She never addressed the part about whether or not Luann would stand up for her, but beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

On the After Show Ramona is asked who should replace Carole. “Bravo, they’re pretty perceptive. They bring somebody on that some of the girls know. I brought some girls to Bravo’s attention. My faith is in Bravo. I’m sure who they pick will be great.”


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