THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA -- Pictured: Cynthia Bailey -- (Photo by: Annette Brown/Bravo)

Cynthia Bailey Is Suing Peter Thomas After He Failed To Pay Her Back

Cynthia Bailey and the Real Housewives of Atlanta are back. This is the ultimate franchise, for real. It will out-do any other show on Bravo even with 50+ Cynt pushing the mid-pandemic wedding story line. Let’s get to the stripper and bachelorette party drama! Now THAT is the scandal I think we all deserve on our screens.

Cynthia’s wedding to Mike Hill is semi-old news. It’s hard not to be happy for our girl. It feels like forever ago she was divorcing the pathetic grifter known as Peter Thomas.

Despite Peter being a man in her past, Cynthia is still ensnared in his mooch lifestyle. Unsurprising, really. This thirsty loser still thinks he has fans from a show where he was hated for years. Now Showbiz Cheatsheet is claiming he owes Cynthia big for a loan she gave him during their marriage.

It’s hard to forget how tumultuous the marriage between Cyntha and Peter was. Of course Peter blames editing. Classic. Was it editing that made your hand fall onto the chest of your bar patron? Or your massive tax debt? That fake check? The time you insulted a black woman for her skin color and hair? All of that was off Bravo cameras boo. You’re just terrible. Editing or not.


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So it seems that Cynthia loaned Peter the money to open the newest version of Bar One (you know, after the original closed). A sum of $170,000!! It sounds like she has been seeking repayment for quite some time. In an interview in 2017, Cynthia shared, “[Regarding Peter] we actually have unfinished business. I’m his partner at Bar One Atlanta. We’re building it out now. This was a project that we started while we were together, and we kind of put it on hold while we were kind of not liking each other so much.”

Around the time Cynthia loaned Peter the money, he also began renting the site for Peter’s Brew (unbeknownst to Cynthia) as well as his lounge in North Carolina.


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Cynthia has since filed a lawsuit against Peter to get her 170k back. Get that money honey! It’s been reported that Cynthia’s name is on the deed of the building, which is now, predictably, in foreclosure. Peter is due to repay his ex-wife beginning January 2021. Happy New Year, dick.


[Photo Credit: Annette Brown/Bravo]