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Porsha Williams Addresses Stripper Hookup Rumors At Cynthia Bailey’s Bachelorette Party; Says “To Me, It Was A Good Time”

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey finally tied the knot with Mike Hill on 10/10/2020. But no one is buzzing about Cynthia’s nuptials. They are talking about her bachelorette party.

The  rowdy festivities were held at a house in Charleston, South Carolina. Of course, a male stripper was there to perform for the RHOA peaches.

Apparently, there was some “girl-on-girl-on-girl action” that occurred, and Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam were alleged to be the parties involved. The third participant was supposedly RHOA newbie LaToya Ali. Then, Tanya and Porsha allegedly joined the male stripper in a bedroom after the cameras were turned off. Oh, my! I am surprised that Tanya went wild at Cynthia’s bash. After all, she is engaged to Paul Judge.

After the news broke, Tanya took to Instagram and Twitter to deny any involvement in the raunchy goings-on. “I will address this topic now and will not entertain this absurdity any further. The rumor circulating about me is NOT TRUE,” she wrote. Then the stripper, Michael Bolwaire, shot down the allegations on Instagram.


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In a move that wreaks of guilt, Tanya abruptly stopped filming RHOA and ditched the rest of the season. She reportedly wasn’t pleased that the sexual antics at the party were such a big part of Season 13. Well, duh!

Porsha spilled some tea about the event in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. (Warning: there is some rough grammar ahead.) Porsha said, “I have fun at the bachelorette party. To me, it was a good time. It was what it was, I don’t really understand why it had to turn so negative,” Porsha remarked. That isn’t a denial!

“I wish it didn’t, because there was a lot of kiki moments about that night, and it is nothing funner than after the party to get with your girls and be like, ‘Do you remember when you did this? Do you remember when you did that?’ Like, we are missing that moment, because it has turned into something crazy,” the RHOA star said.


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Something tells me that Tanya doesn’t want to take that stroll down stripper memory lane. “So, I don’t know. Hopefully we can –maybe we will kiki about it at the reunion, I am still ready to have fun,” Porsha shared.

“It’s a reality show and things can go up, they can go left, they can go right. You just gotta stand in your truth and deal with it, and if it’s not true, it’s not true,” Porsha said. She also pointed out that the RHOA cast is experienced  dealing with on-camera rumors and scandals.

Porsha said, “Our show has a lot of vets, one new girl, but the rest of us? We’ve been doing this, we’re not new to this,” she shared.


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“Like, they used to make me nervous, I used to say all kinds of crazy stuff, because the cameras were there. But now? I welcome it,” the Black Lives Matter activist explained. “That’s what I’m here for is to show you Porsha and let you be in my life, so it is what it is.”

It sounds like Season 13 is going to be a wild ride. “We’re fun, we’re fabulous. We go through ups, we go through downs, but we’re very loving, and warm –and we’re shady,” Porsha quipped.


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