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Tamra Judge Defends Braunwyn Windham-Burke After Kelly Dodd Said Braunwyn Is Faking Alcoholism For A Storyline

Tamra Judge, gone but not forgotten on Real Housewives of Orange County. Famously given the boot with toxic best friend Vicki Gunvalson, neither Tamra or Vick have graciously moved towards the light. Instead they have released multiple comments to the media about how RHOC will suffer in their absence. And yes, RHOC is suffering, but I’m not sure it’s due to their departure.

Chattering amongst Bravo insiders has already started to prepare us for the return of Tamra. While Eddie Judge calls in his Xanax Rx for renewal, Tamra is getting involved. Seeking out the most injured animal, the former Housewife is #TeamBraunwyn in Kelly Dodd’s debate over whether or not Braunwyn Windham-Burke is “faking” her alcoholism. Now Tammy Sue goes head to head with Kelly, as her foot inches through the door.

Kelly is gonna Kelly, we know this. When she was finally allowed on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen nailed her on the Covid stuff and then asked Kelly about her beef with Braunwyn. Maybe Kels has the sads because most of America and Andy think she’s not playing with a full deck due to her moronic views regarding the pandemic. Braunwyn, on the other hand, has carried the season with her struggle to maintain sobriety and navigate family dynamics while being a lesbian with seven kids and not divorcing her husband of 20 years.

Kelly told Andy, “She [Braunwyn] wanted to get her own show, her talent agent told her to stop drinking. It’s all contrived. I don’t believe that she is a real alcoholic, no. You’ll see it after at the end of the show, what happens. It’s really good.” If Kelly didn’t already struggle with scientific facts, her opinion might be more valid. But Covid doesn’t exist in Orange County, so here we are.


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How does Tamra enter into all of this? Well, Kelly went on a Twitter rant because she is clearly bothered. She shared a screenshot of Braunwyn replying to a fan who wanted her thoughts on Kelly’s WWHL comments. “I’ve learned through others that when people have a hard time with me being sober, it’s more about their own issue.” Kelly has more issues than Ladies Home Journal, so duh. “Were people in my life telling me to ‘clean up my act’. Hell ya, I was blackout drinking most days… Did I get sober for the show? Maybe, I knew we were filming soon and I was scared to have what happened the year before (I don’t remember some scenes). Is there a doubt in anyone’s mind who knows me [that] I’m alcoholic? No, it’s low, but she’s pretty vile and cruel so it’s not unexpected,” Braunwyn wrote.

Kelly went apeshit because it’s really her only party trick. She posted, “more lies!!! The truth is coming!! You are Tamra 2.0 with your manufactured story lines… you’ll be exposed soon. Vile & cruel? Look at your ET interviews!” And that was Tammy Sue’s invitation to join the party. Tamra is many things, but she is no dummy. She could easily latch onto Gina Kirschenheiter, but people are still wondering why she’s on the show in the first place.


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Naturally, Tammy locked and loaded and aimed for Kelly. Another strategic move, as Kelly’s popularity has taken a sharp nose dive. Us Weekly shared their exchange. “Who believes anything she [Kelly] says!!!!! Coming from the same person that’s mocking covid,” Tamra said. Because you know, Tamra is the EPITOME of political correctness. “Just another stupid comment out of this ignorant chicks mouth. #STFU,” Tamra added.

In response, Kelly wrote, “You got fired because you are a liar!! Stop obsessing about the show you are acting like Gretchen [Rossi]. … You don’t even have cable and will work on the show for half price you told [Jeff Lewis] … concentrate on your pyramid scheme CBD line … you are washing up!!” Obviously once you compare someone to Gretchen, IT’S WAR. Even Brandi Glanville would be insulted.


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Tamra replied, “Well, the only thing she got correct is I don’t have cable, I have app TV. The rest is a total lie! I’d be very careful spreading lies about our business … #Attorneynotified.” Sure, Jan. But Tamra wants Kelly’s orange and she just might get it.

Surely Braunwyn appreciates Tamra’s support, but you have to wonder if it’s genuine. Tammy generally doesn’t give a flying Rose Nyland about anything and she knows how to play the game. Braunwyn is nothing more than a host to the parasite that wants to feed off her storyline. Expect Tamra to continue commenting and defending Braunwyn. And expect to bid farewell to Kelly. Tamra’s here, she’s insincere, get used to it.


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