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Life After Lockup Recap: Large Pizza With A Side Of Deception

Things are getting weirder and more dramatic this week for our favorite Life After Lockup couples. Are these people even capable of having a happy ending? It seems like they’re destined for turmoil for as long as they choose to be together. Amber’s return caught me entirely off guard, and now her prison wife Puppy is getting released. Can they even make things work on the outside? The bigger question is what role (if any) will creepy Vince play in their lives?

Another Life After Lockup couple that’s about to be tested again is Andrea Edwards & Lamar Jackson. It’s never smooth sailing for this couple. Lamar’s choice to encourage their daughter to keep secrets from her mother is going to bite him hard. It’s only a matter of time before Andrea learns the truth and loses her mind. Speaking of losing something, will Shawn ever locate Destine? He still has $50,000 on the line, and her disappearance could cost him.

Amber, Puppy, & Vince

Puppy Amber Life After Lockup

Amber’s a lot more excited to see Puppy than she ever was with Vince. They’ve never been around each other on the outside though. There’s a big chance this won’t even work out. That’s the worst case scenario, but it’s highly possible.

This is a lot different than when she met Vince for the first time. These two actually have history and know each other. Vince & Amber had the most awkward dynamic I’ve ever seen on this show. CREEPY.

Amber’s in a great place now, and she’s left her life of crime in the past. It remains to be seen if Puppy will be able to follow suit. Amber needs to be on the lookout because the last thing she needs is someone derailing the progress she’s made.

Puppy’s not being released with the other inmates, and Amber gets a call to pick her up at the courthouse. She tries to get answers, but the person on the other end of the call isn’t willing to give any. Thankfully, Puppy’s released to Amber with no problem. Now the hardest part begins. Life after lockup in some ways is more challenging than life on the inside.


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Puppy’s blown away by Amber’s appearance and still very attracted to her. She wants the relationship to grow and develop, but Amber wants it one day at a time. It seems like Amber has a gut feeling deep down that Puppy’s hustler days are far from over. Spending any additional time in prison is not an option at this point.

I don’t like Puppy. I can’t fully put my finger on why, but I get bad vibes from her. She doesn’t seem reformed to me whatsoever, and I fully expect her to wind up back in prison. Also, hearing the story of how they did shots of hand sanitizer when they were incarcerated is so cringe. Nope. I’d be sober for life.

There’s a chance Amber & Puppy might not be able to cohabitate together because of their parole. That’s probably for the best. Puppy is a wild card.

Puppy wants to call Vince to find out what’s going on with the adoption money. She wants a cut of the money for her and Amber, but he denies everything. He claims he wants to reverse the adoption, but he’s probably full of s**t. This is sooooooo messy. All of this feels so illegal. I’d drop the entire thing and never look back.

Andrea & Lamar

Life After Lockup Recap: Large Pizza With A Side Of Deception

Andrea & Lamar are forever both hilarious and dysfunctional. That dysfunction has left Tennsion entirely against the idea of leaving on his mission. It’s sad watching him forced to be the only adult in that family. If his mother and stepfather could ever get their s**t together, he’d be much better off.

Thankfully, Andrea actually took Tennsion’s concerns into consideration and came up with an alternative solution. Andrea tells the kids, she’s decided they will all go on a FAMILY MISSION abroad. Oh fun. Joy. Can’t wait to see how Lamar reacts to THAT. Plus on top of that, Andrea still hasn’t learned that Lamar took Priscilla to see her older sister behind her back.

PRISCILLA JUST SPILLED THE BEANS IN THE MOST INNOCENT WAY EVER. She asks Andrea if her oldest sister will be on the family mission too since she’s also family. You can practically see the anger building inside of Andrea. Priscilla’s terrified by her mother’s over-the-top reaction to this news.


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I do understand that it’s wrong of Lamar to teach his daughter to keep secrets from her mother. However, I also understand that if Andrea wasn’t always acting like a psychopath over everything, there would be no need for deception. She’s the reason everyone acts the way they do in the family. All roads lead back to Andrea, and her explosive attitude.

Andrea is on her way to Lamar’s location to confront him over telling Priscilla to lie to her. She’s completely losing her s**t on Lamar over this. It’s so disproportionate to the situation at hand. She’s outside SCREAMING. Honesty is the only policy when it comes to Andrea. Who would want to see her flipping out like this?  I’d avoid that like the mfing plague.

Sarah & Michael

Life After Lockup Recap: Large Pizza With A Side Of Deception

Sarah Simmons & Michael Simmons have worn out their welcome on my screen. It’s the same song and dance for these two every time we see them. Yawn.

Malcolm is already through with the bulls**t, and he wants some space. Smart move my man. Run as far and as fast from this dumpster fire as you possibly can. Sarah will never fully be over Michael. In some ways it feels as if she likes the chaos.


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After Malcolm leaves, Michael immediately shows up. Of course he did. She needs to rid herself of that toxic man. Either that or openly decide to be with him again. The back and forth mixed emotions s**t is exhausting to watch.

Shavel & Quaylon

Life After Lockup Recap: Large Pizza With A Side Of Deception

Quaylon still refuses to admit he cheated on Shavel. I hope she doesn’t buy into his lies. He’ll do it again if you let him back in. It’d be a hell of a lot nicer if he could just admit what he did. Own it like a man. His inability to do so is problematic.

Quaylon wants to get back with Shavel, but she’s already making plans with a new man. This is the best thing she could do for herself and her daughter. We all know Quaylon will eventually show back up, so let’s get Shavel a new man before that happens.


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Shavel is glowing at dinner with her new prospective man. He already treats her with more respect than Quaylon ever once did. He knew she was settling when she chose to be with that man. Everyone did. The date goes SO well, and this level of happiness is how Shavel should be feeling at all times.

Shawn & Destinie

Life After Lockup Recap: Large Pizza With A Side Of Deception

HOLY S**T DESTINIE FINALLY REACHED OUT TO SHAWN. I’ll be honest. I didn’t see that coming. From the sounds of things, Destinie only left him out of fear for going back to prison. She comes across as the type to self sabotage, so she’s likely pushing him away now before she’s forced into prison.

However, Shawn has many new questions about Destinie and her past. After her multiple engagements were discovered on last week’s episode of Life After Lockup, he deserves the truth. Whether or not she’s capable and willing to disclose everything is another story.

Shawn finally gets the chance to ask if she is pregnant, and obviously she’s not. That’s for the best. With her freedom in doubt from this looming court date and their overall tumultuous relationship, the child would suffer. He tries to learn her location, but she quickly shuts him down. She’s not ready for him to find out where she’s staying yet. Although, it shouldn’t be that difficult for him to put the pieces together.


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I laugh every time Destinie gets triggered by Shawn withholding his communication with his ex. Destinie has gone behind his back before with another woman, and she has multiple Facebook accounts. She is the one exhibiting some major red flag behavior.

It’s wild that Destinie has the nerve to ask Shawn for money while on the phone with him. She completely ghosted this man. Her need for cash is probably the only reason she finally caved in and contacted him in the first place. Greed conquers all.

Destinie orders a large pizza on Shawn’s credit card, and I have to say I admire her confidence. The way she totally ghosts this man but still openly uses his money is WILD. A girl has to eat I guess.

Things are getting so juicy with this roller coaster relationship! Destinie’s friend thinks she’s only still with Shawn because she loves all of the money that comes attached to him. UH DUH. That’s been glaringly obvious since before she was even released. However, the real drama is after Destinie is caught texting a mystery person. She won’t reveal their identity to her friend or the producer, so it has to be another man.

Shawn gets a notification from his bank that notifies him of the pizza Destinie ordered. That was a silly move on Destinie’s end because it won’t be hard for Shawn to track her down now. He’s able to call and find out the exact address that the purchase was made from. Holy s**t. HERE WE GO!


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