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Porsha Williams’ Sister, Lauren Williams, Explains Why She Uninvited Kenya Moore From Porsha’s Surprise Party

This season on Real Housewives of Atlanta, we are seeing Porsha Williams on the front lines of the Black Lives Matter movement. She has come such a long way from earlier seasons and is honoring her grandfather Hosea Williams’ legacy in the Civil Rights movement.

In June, Porsha was at a peaceful protest march in Atlanta when tear gas was used on the crowd. Porsha was arrested. In August, the RHOA star was arrested again in Louisville, Kentucky during another peaceful protest.

During the most recent episode of RHOA, Kenya Moore shaded Porsha’s participation in the movement. She mentioned that it was dangerous because protestors weren’t wearing masks. So, what exactly has Kenya been doing? Crickets.

Porsha’s sister, Lauren Williams, rang up co-stars Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss to invite them to a surprise party honoring Porsha for the work that she is doing. Everyone but Kenya was invited, but Cynthia finally wrangled the go-ahead to bring Kenya as her plus one. Then, Kenya received a phone call about an hour before the soiree. It was Cynthia, telling Kenya that Lauren had changed her mind, and Kenya was no longer welcome. Kenya even had a birthday gift for Porsha’s daughter, Pilar Jhena McKinley.

Kenya was furious and demanded to know if the producers knew that she was uninvited. More importantly, someone is going to pay for Kenya’s hair and make-up! Kenya seemed to be hurt by the slight, but also called out Porsha for managing to get arrested on camera. Wow.


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Lauren went on Instagram to explain about banning Kenya from Porsha’s party. Lauren posted a throw-back family photo of a teenage Porsha with her arms around her. “She has had my back since sleeping in hospital waiting room with me the night daddy died, to the day we buried him (pictured), to sleeping on the hospital floor while i was in labor with Bales, and everyday since then….. I’ll protect her at all costs everytime,” Lauren wrote. “That will never change @porsha4real.”

Then Lauren addressed the Kenya controversy. “Side note: I changed my mind within 2 hours of hesitantly extending the invite,” Lauren posted. “My change of heart text was sent more than 24 hours before the party and only 2 hours after the invite.” Well, that’s not how it appeared on RHOA.

Naturally, Instagram users sounded off. (There is some rough grammar ahead.) One user stated, “U did just the right thing…I bet she would’ve said or did some nasty thing-things she was already bitter about P’s role in the movement and she’s done alot of nasty to others.” Another fan remarked, “Yes, you did right… Keep Kenya’s shady self where she’s at!!!”


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There weren’t many fans defending Kenya, but one did post, “I mean I get it, but I feel that if she felt that way, she should’ve texted Kenya herself. I truly don’t think she would’ve made it messy since she was looking forward to going.”

If Kenya didn’t feel like Porsha’s actions were authentic, why would she even want to be at Porsha’s party? Most likely, Kenya wanted to twirl on over, stir up some drama, and ruin Porsha’s celebration.


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