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Kenya Moore Slams As Porsha Williams “NeNe Leakes Jr.”; Says What Porsha Is Doing To Her This Season Is “Just Really Disgusting”

Season 13 of Real Housewives of Atlanta is back, and better than ever. NeNe Leakes bid farewell to her peach after last season. The constant arguing between NeNe and Kenya Moore was too much to take.

RHOA viewers have seen Porsha Williams working on the front lines of the Black Lives Matter movement. She was arrested twice for protesting peacefully. Good for you, Porsha!

Kenya is still stuck in her toxic marriage to Marc Daly. In September of 2019, the couple announced that they were splitting. Kenya tried to continue to work on her marriage, but the pandemic made their situation deteriorate. Kenya was still the verbal target for Marc’s frustrations.

In the premiere episode, Kenya met with a divorce attorney to discuss her options pertaining to custody of their daughter, Brooklyn Daly. Kenya needs to ditch this loser guy, and soon. She deserves so much better. Still, because of the situation, she is proceeding cautiously.

Kenya is really vibing with newbie Friend of the Housewives, LaToya Ali. Their quick friendship has made Kenya’s other bestie, Cynthia Bailey, a tiny bit jealous. LaToya does have a fresh energy, but she borders on being a lot. The other new peach-holder, Drew Sidora, didn’t impress Kenya. But there is one RHOA co-star who isn’t in Kenya’s good graces… again. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kenya shared why her relationship with Porsha is icy this season.


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Kenya explained, “For three years, I considered her a friend. I was very supportive. I remember going to her baby shower, reaching out to her — even when she had her spin-off, I was tweeting about it,” Kenya said.

The RHOA star remarked.”I was sharing her joy with her and I actually had love for her. So, for her to turn on me when NeNe came back –I think the fans and everyone saw that.” I agree that tearful scene between NeNe and Porsha making amends in Greece was overly dramatic.

Kenya shared, “[The] things that she’s doing to me, especially this season, is just, it’s just really disgusting.” Come on, Kenya! Spill the tea.


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“When people don’t want to be friends with you because they feel threatened, or they feel a certain way that they don’t want you to be bigger than them… I think that is really what comes into play, and that’s a page out of NeNe’s book, honestly–and she’s been taking a lot of pages out of Nene’s book lately, and not in a good way,” Kenya added.

So exactly what pages from NeNe’s book has Porsha been studying? “The attitude, the showing up three hours late to the set, the demanding of certain things happen [and] footage being taken out because she doesn’t like the way that she looks,” Kenya commented.

But Kenya wasn’t done shading Porsha. “You know, that’s kind of NeNe behavior. So, unfortunately, yeah, we have a little NeNe, Jr. on our set.” Oh, NeNe would be so proud!


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