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Real Housewives Of Dallas Season 5 Premiere Recap: Garage Sales & Apology Tours

Is everyone ready for the first Real Housewives of Dallas season without LeeAnne Locken? While she may have been a lightning rod for drama on the show, she also brought a lot of heavy baggage. The cast is going to feel so much lighter and fresher without her in the mix. All of the women besides LeeAnne are back this season, and they’re joined by newbie Tiffany Moon. It’ll be curious to see how she addresses Brandi Redmond’s racist video mocking Asian people.

The women are tasked with filming during the global pandemic, and that’s no easy feat. COVID has struck everyone in different ways, so watching these ladies navigate the virus is going to be fascinating. This season has boatloads of potential, and it would be nice to see them climb the hierarchy of Housewives cities. They’ve been at the bottom for far too long. Perhaps with this fresh new vibe, they can show fans that everything truly is bigger in Texas.

Tiffany Moon Stephanie Hollman Brandi Redmond D'Andra Simmons Kameron Westcott Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

This season looks like it’s going to be the best one in years for Dallas. It’s about damn time. Last season was dreadful to watch, and the vibe was too dark and heavy. Give us some fun please!


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Stephanie Hollman invites all of the ladies to her house for a pool party! I’m so happy we aren’t going to take forever to get to the group scenes. I like their solo storylines, but the real meat of the show is when the entire cast is filming together. That’s why we watch.

We immediately start the season with Queen Kameron Westcott, and her puppy palace. There’s something so awkwardly hilarious about listening to her talk about the virus. She’s right about the fear of the unknown though. It’s terrifying not knowing what’s going to come next.

It was so heartbreaking to hear the story of her dog tragically passing away. It’s the worst feeling in the world to lose a pet that feels like a family member. I felt so bad for Court Westcott because it was an honest mistake not giving the puppy his meds. He never intended for the dog to pass away. I hope she cuts him some slack because clearly he puts up with A LOT, and he already let her get another dog.

She feels like such a real life Barbie or the girl from Legally Blonde. Walking around in all pink with a puppy in her purse is certainly an interesting look. Everything about her sparkles. It’s a bit iconic if I do say so.


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The dog trainer calls out Kameron for the type of chaotic energy she brings to the animal. If you want your dog to behave, you have to showcase a bit more self control. Also the dog is not a show and tell prop. Don’t be reckless.

D'Andra Simmons Momma Dee Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

Stephanie gets called out for hugging Brandi, but she says they’re filming a TV show and get tested often. That’s fair enough. I’m glad she addressed that because there will undoubtedly be people on Twitter questioning it.

A Momma Dee Simmons sighting so early in the season. Unfortunately though, D’Andra Simmons‘  business has been hit in a massive way because of the pandemic. This virus has wrecked businesses like that, and I hope they’re able to survive this hiccup.

Tiffany joins Dee & D’Andra for some drinks and conversations. First of all, she’s absolutely STUNNING. I don’t want to say they cast an Asian housewife on purpose because of Brandi, but it’s definitely a move. Regardless of the motives, she’s bringing RICH vibes, and I’m here for the luxury!


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Naturally with Tiffany in the mix, the conversation turns to the video of Brandi mocking Asian people. I still don’t know what possessed her to actually film and post that kind of garbage. How tone deaf can you be? I don’t think she’s outwardly racist, but I think she needs to be educated and stop the ignorance.

Brandi confides in Stephanie about how it’s taken a toll on her, but it’s hard to truly feel sorry for her. It’s the kind of mess that you should know not to make as a grown ass woman. She was leading the charge against LeeAnne at least year’s reunion for HER racist behavior. However, what she really should have been doing was taking a good and long look in the mirror at herself.

I want to believe Brandi’s emotions are genuine, but she literally doubled down on social media prior to this season. She says she went to treatment and even contemplated suicide over all of this. I’m willing to give her another chance I guess before writing her off completely.

Tiffany might have something different to say about it though. D’Andra is trying so hard to please Brandi’s case and make sure Tiffany doesn’t think she’s racist. It’s easy to say that though when you’re not on the receiving end of that kind of racism.


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Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

I’m a bit perturbed that my invite to Kameron’s garage sale was seemingly lost in the mail. Please do better USPS. On a serious note, isn’t it a bit odd to hold a garage sale during a pandemic? Way too many people and too confined of spaces for my liking or anxiety level. Even D’Andra is questioning the legality of having a sale in their neighborhood.

Stephanie makes a specific effort to show up to her sale because of their drama from last season. At least she’s trying to move past the surface level. For some reason these two always end up clashing, and I’m really not quite sure why. Now let’s see if Kameron returns the favor by showing up to Stephanie’s party. This friendship will only stay on good terms if they can BOTH put in the work.

Tiffany’s kids are soooooooo adorable! Her entire family is picture perfect! Listening to the story about how she went from an immigrant who spoke no English to this highly successful doctor is so inspiring. There are probably so many young women out there who will hear her story and realize they too can achieve success.

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

I’m stoked for Stephanie’s party because Brandi & Tiffany are finally going to interact. She’s going to be held accountable for her actions, and it’s about time. I hope she takes the time to REALLY listen to what Tiffany has to say to her. That’s the only way she’s going to learn and not make this type of egregious mistake moving forward.


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Brandi HAS to be so nervous about being at this pool party with Tiffany. There’s no way she isn’t. It’s good they’re addressing it right out of the gate though.

Brandi & Jennifer Davis go off to the bathroom to compare their “gobblers”. WELL DAMN. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard it by that term before, but Thanksgiving will never be the same again. I’ll be sitting down for that special family meal and thinking about these Dallas vaginas. Only in Texas. Apparently they have twinning vaginas so that’s FUN! How exciting!

Kary Brittingham stands up at lunch and asks the women to go around the table and do pandemic positives and negatives. This woman is so boring. Why is she still on this show? I really didn’t think she was dynamic enough to get a second season. She needs to step s**t up if she’s going to stay.

D’Andra reveals she started seeing a shaman to help her become softer and less reactive. I have no idea what a shaman is, but if it works for her, I’m glad. Being able to get off of whatever meds she was on is what makes her happy, so good for her.


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Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

THANK GOODNESS TIFFANY ISN’T A MORON AND KNOWS THE VIRUS IS REAL. She’s a real doctor, and she’s on the frontlines seeing the horror it is causing in the world, She’s had REAL patients succumb to this REAL disease. It’s not a political agenda. The faster people realize that, the quicker we can get the world back to some semblance of normalcy.

Brandi turns the topic of conversation to her awful video, and this is where things are about to get real. Whatever she says in this moment is going to set the tone for her storyline this season. If she tries to play the victim in any way here, it’s not going to go well for her. I’m listening.

Tiffany’s confused by Brandi’s words. She claims it’s like a kid who hits another kid and then starts crying. She’s right. Brandi doesn’t get to play the victim here.

Kary’s asked about the difference between Brandi & LeeAnne’s racism incidents. She says it’s because Brandi didn’t come from hate and has tried to own up and apologize for her actions. Sure, she has. Brandi’s on an apology tour right now, but on some level it feels less than genuine. Less than a year ago she was DEFENDING it on social media.


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Tiffany’s trying to broach the subject to Brandi, but she’s choosing her words carefully. She’s calling her out though for doing something in poor taste that hurt people. Brandi needs to sit back and LISTEN. Listening is what will help her move forward. Hear Tiffany’s story, and try to understand where she’s coming from and why it’s offensive.

The episode concludes with Tiffany telling Brandi that when she got to America people did the slanted eyes to her. That’s so cruel. Why are people like this? This is a very real storyline, and I can’t wait to see how it develops. The premiere kind of flew by for a change, so this season has real potential.


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