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Sean Burke Spotted With A Reported New Girlfriend; Braunwyn Windham-Burke Confirms Sean Is Dating

Sean Burke and Braunwyn Windham-Burke have completely transformed their marriage over the course of the latest Real Housewives of Orange County season. For whatever reason they have decided not to divorce despite Braunwyn coming out as a lesbian. Sean has been clear he will support her no matter what. Some people just can’t seem to make it make sense. I honestly don’t see why anyone cares what consenting adults want to get into.

Braunwyn has been asking the criticism to stop, but it’s not looking good for her. After announcing that she would be heartbroken if Sean were dating, some new goss hit the stands.

Daily Mail shared a photo of Sean sitting with what appears to be his new girlfriend. They were getting lunch in Newport Beach. While Sean seems very aware of the camera, his date is looking down. The photo is dated December 28th, about a month after Braunwyn told the world she is a lesbian.

It is also reported that Sean and the mystery woman were “canoodling” while placing their order. The date was at Jan’s Health Bar, a juice and wrap joint, which probably means this is a comfortable relationship. I hope he’s not trying to impress her with juice!


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The source shared that Sean was “making out” and “grabbing her ass”. He was reportedly very “handsy” while the two were “very up against each other hanging out.” Did I forget to mention that this photo seems to have been taken in broad daylight. Are 47 year old’s still getting it like that in public before 5pm? Yeesh.

There are also reports that Braunwyn has known about this new woman “for some time.” Once she even caught her sleeping in Sean’s bed at the family home. The insider estimated the new relationship is at least two months old.


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Meanwhile, Braunwyn has revealed to Us Weekly that she and Sean are in an open-marriage and dating. She said, “We want to have an open marriage and we want to be able to do it honestly and not have our feelings hurt. I am very open with him. I have big fears of abandonment from when I was a child. So my jealousy, my things, we’re working on them.”

She added, “We’re working on them so that we can get to a healthy place. I do think we’re going to get there. I really do, because we have the communication, we have the trust, we have a great therapist and we both have a similar goal for our future, which is sitting there in Hawaii, watching our grandkids play.”

This is all getting very Kourtney and Scott.


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