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Vicki Gunvalson Says Middle America Can’t Relate To Braunwyn Windham-Burke; Compares Fame To A Drug

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson has been watching the show she is no longer on, and has some opinions. Let’s be clear, one of the ladies could have landed on the moon or cured leprosy and Vicki would still be out here trashing the season in some capacity. Bless her heart, all she can do is comment since she was #firedbybravo.

Vicki was never particularly fond of Braunwyn Windham-Burke, which is fair. But Vicki’s history with cancer scamming leaves her little leeway to pass judgement on others. Are any of these ladies really in the position to call someone out? So let the hypocrisy parade begin! Recently, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas decided to examine Braunwyn and her unconventional marriage on social media. Naturally Vicki saw this as a moment to be relevant and decided to shoot her shot.

She that is without sin among you, let her cast the first stone… Elizabeth picked up the closest boulder and hurled it at Braunwyn. Obviously Braunwyn was going to be the easiest target this season because she literally handed out ammo. I won’t tarnish Braunie’s efforts to stay sober, but the proverbial layers she shed this season were a lot. It isn’t that we cannot relate to Braunwyn’s issues, we aren’t dummies. We simply question the logic behind dealing with 20 years of problems in 13 episodes.

A big part of Braunwyn’s storyline is her marriage to Sean Burke. This was a season’s worth of content in itself. Braunwyn is a lesbian. She does not want to divorce her husband. She is in a relationship with another women. Right now we are still on fairly solid ground. It’s shaky, but holding. Then Braunwyn decides to say how devastated she would be if Sean dated another woman. With that, she opened the portal to ridicule.


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Elizabeth, who is the benchmark of having a solid relationship, went after Braunie on Instagram. She posted an article featuring Braunwyn saying she would be “heartbroken” if Sean found someone else. She wrote, “OK.. I’m sorry but this is just getting to be wayyyy too much. Didn’t she just announce she’s NEVER been attracted to him EVER & she’s ‘SLEEPING WITH WOMEN’!” Um, didn’t Elizabeth “announce” she’s not having sex with the boyfriend she’s totally having sex with because of her high-dollar divorce? She also included more laughing emojis than your average 12 year old adolescent.

Though Vicki had previously labeled Elizabeth an “idiot” for supporting Kelly Dodd, she agreed with her this time. Realhousewivesfranchise shared the screenshot. Vicki commented, “Someone once told me Fame is like a drug…” If that’s the case then get Vicki a suite at Betty Ford IMMEDIATELY. “Brown wind has gone way too far.” How far? Lying about cancer far? Casserole needing far? Vicki added, “Middle America doesn’t relate to her chaos. For that matter, who does? I agree with you Elizabeth.” Middle America doesn’t relate to a woman over 50 getting drunk and pissing on someone’s bed. Middle America doesn’t relate to defending a man who lied about a medical condition for attention. Middle America doesn’t need Vicki to decide what they can and cannot tolerate.


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It’s fine to not agree with a person’s actions. Kind of like no one in Vicki’s family agreed with her decision to stay with Brooks Ayers. But isn’t Vicki a non-factor at this point? When did she become so knowledgeable at what people will accept – after she was fired? Denizens of Middle America, take a deep sigh of relief today because the woman who lied, dated a man who lied, and chose the lying man over her daughter and friends is out here protecting you from chaos.


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