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Southern Charm Season 7 Finale Recap: A Lesson In Accountability

This season of Southern Charm is finally coming to an end, and there’s so much left to be discussed. Leva Bonaparte’s crusade to cancel Kathryn Dennis is in full swing, and it’s gaining steam. As of now, Kathryn’s already on the outs with both Danni Baird and Madison LeCroy. Plus after last week’s episode, Craig Conover might be ready to turn his back on her as well. It’s all coming to a head, and we will see how well Kathryn stands her ground.

Shep Rose & John Pringle may have had the best intention when planning this party, but it’s going downhill fast. Everyone has something to get off their chest, and all roads of course lead back to Madison & Austen Kroll. No matter what else happens, these two manage to make it out themselves. Madison’s attempts to draw the attention of Austen have been ignored thus far, but will that last? In this group, peace doesn’t stick around too long.

Madison LeCroy Southern Charm

For now things are going fairly smoothly at the party. However, we all know it’s a mere matter of time before things boil over. With everyone drinking and harboring issues against one another, give it time, and things will turn to hell.

Madison’s shameless flirting with everyone is so transparent. She wants to get a reaction out of Austen so badly, but as of now he’s not taking the bait. We’ll see how long it lasts. These two have a habit of turning every event into their personal drama playground. There’s no reason to think this party will be any different.

Craig does his bone carrier duties and fills Shep in about what he learned about Kathryn. He doesn’t feel like he can commit to the friendship after learning about the extent of her racist comments. I find it difficult to believe he wasn’t aware of everything she said. It was a fairly public debacle. Feigning ignorance doesn’t look good on him.

Madison receives a text from someone about Austen having sex with a girl the prior weekend. Weren’t they broken up then? What’s it even matter to her? She should take the information in stride, and walk the f**k away. Instead in typical Madison fashion, she’s going to make a spectacle about this and start drama. Everyone’s party has to get ruined every time because of their toxic cycle.


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Craig’s trying to convince Madison that it doesn’t matter, and he’s right. They’re broken up, so why is she so up in arms about everything. I understand his frustration because every time the group is together this happens. They can’t hang out without it turning into this.

Shep & Craig warn Austen to play it cool and not give Madison a reaction. That’s easier said than done because Madison heads their way calling Austen a “beta bitch”. Let’s be honest, she’s just mad that he was able to move on with another woman so quickly. Her attention seeking antics at this party aren’t having the desired effect on him.

Madison immediately confronts him about this woman, and the guys don’t get why it matters to her. What’s her end goal here? If she can’t have him, nobody can? Of course, Leva and her squad also have to insert themselves into the situation because they have nothing better to do. It’s not bullying. Nobody is bullying Madison. She walked over there under her own volition and started the drama herself.

Austen Kroll Southern Charm

The way Madison’s speaking to Austen is so degrading. She continues to call him a “beta” and a “pussy”. She’s the biggest problem here. She wants to control everything about Austen, and enough is enough. Austen has a very mature reaction to the drama and doesn’t give in to the theatrics. That’s a big step for him. Normally this would turn into a warzone between them, but he gave her NOTHING.


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Pringle opens up to his sister about his sadness over his kids going back to their mothers. Being forced to be a parent part time must be one of the worst feelings in the world. Seeing him with his children was another side to him that added the depth his scenes with the group were missing. Unfortunately, they had to go back to their mom, and he’s back to an empty nest.

Back at home, Kathryn’s crying over being labeled a racist and dropped by her closest friends. At what point is cancel culture taking things too far? She issued an apology to the woman she made the comments about. What do we do from here? Has she been involved in another racially motivated scandal since then? If she hasn’t then maybe the court of public opinion should consider easing up a bit.

Madison LeCroy Southern Charm

Everything comes to a screeching halt when the group spots what they believe to be a shark in the water. Wasn’t Shep JUST in that water? Honestly, the group has no clue if it’s a shark or a dolphin. I want to be high and mighty and tell them which one it is, but I couldn’t really tell myself. Just stay out of the water!

Kathryn FINALLY arrives to the party which is good because she’s been on everyone’s lips so far. You can literally feel the air being sucked out of the room when Kathryn shows up. Everyone has something to say to her, and you know Leva is chomping at the bit like one of those sharks in the water.


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Back at the dinner table, Madison continues to try and provoke Austen. He refuses to give in to her attacks, and Shep calls her out for wanting to control Austen. Madison’s getting more pissed by the second because none of her attempts to bait Austen are working. Whether positive or negative attention, he’s giving her NOTHING at the party.

Madison brings up Kathryn’s new relationship, and she questions the timing of it all. Obviously Kathryn denies the strategic timing of dating a black man, but it’s definitely the elephant in the room. Madison tries to convince Kathryn to address ALL of the issues she has with everyone, but that feels like a set up. This entire situation is designed to make Kathryn lash out and come across worse than she already does.

Madison Simon says she felt disrespected the last time they spoke. Of course, somehow it turns into Leva & Austen fighting with one another, and he calls her out for being the real bully. THAT IS A FACT. She could use this crusade for good and do something educational, but that’s not what she wants to do here. All it’s come across like is a giant mission to cancel Kathryn forever.

Even though it looked like they might have engaged in a nuclear level fight, Austen backs off and apologizes. It’s received well by Leva, and that’s one feud diffused! YAY FOR THAT. We all know that Leva is stuck on Kathryn, so she can’t let a side feud with Austen sidetrack her from her life’s mission this season.


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Kathryn tries apologizing to Madison Simon, but nothing is working. Nothing she says is good enough for anyone at the table. They walk away from the rest of the group to have the conversation without an audience. Madison’s making valid points and approaching this in a much better way than Leva ever has. Although Madison asking Kathryn to own up to everything.

Danni Baird Southern Charm

Craig apologizes to Danni for getting involved with her conversation with Kathryn on the beach. He wishes he could do it over. Is that even true? I LOVE CRAIG, but he’s as messy as they come. He gets the greatest life pleasure from stirring the pot. Interjecting in Danni’s conversation with Kathryn caused chaos which he thrives on. Don’t pretend not to love it.

Despite the mounting evidence against her presented by these ladies, Kathryn continues to deny being a racist. She doesn’t know why Madison S would even want to be her friend if this is how she feels. Nothing Kathryn’s saying about her personal struggles is mattering in the back and forth. These women have made up their minds about her, and nothing she can say is going to change that.

Kathryn’s over everything and doesn’t want to deal with Madison anymore. She calls it bulls**t and stupid, and I can’t really blame her. I think all of her comments and the monkey emoji was HORRIBLE, but it’s feeling like TOO MUCH.


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Danni decides to walk out on the dock to finally have her one on one with Kathryn. Danni’s calling her out for reaching out to Leva first instead of the friends that matter and have always been there for her. At the table with Leva & her squad, Madison’s getting frustrated that people aren’t confronting Kathryn. It’s evident she’s attempting to create some sort of conflict with Kathryn. The more it looks like it won’t happen, the more upset Madison’s getting.

Danni explains to Kathryn that shrugging off everyone’s feelings about the racist comments is why everyone’s upset. She thinks really acknowledging that could go a long way in fixing everything. Before they can really make progress talking to each other, Madison interrupts. She wants Kathryn to talk to the other girls all at once. That’s a horrible idea.

Trying her best to be diplomatic, Danni doesn’t want things to go down like that. However, Madison puts her hand in Danni’s face saying it has nothing to do with her. Madison loses her s**t saying Danni always kisses Kathryn’s ass. Madison is a BULLY to the fullest extent of the word. I would give anything if Danni followed through on her threat of smacking her off the dock. Knock her down a million pegs.

Leva Bonaparte Southern Charm

Danni starts clapping her hands and screaming at Madison for coming over while she was talking to Kathryn. Danni thinks Madison is a total bitch, and where is the lie? She’s starting so much s**t at this party and coming at everyone from all angles.


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Leva tries to command the conversation and get Kathryn to hash it out with all of the women. Pringle pops up out of nowhere and accuses them all of bullying her again. Even though Kathryn doesn’t feel bullied, it still feels that way to some extent.

For the first time Kathryn fully opens up and apologizes for the way she used her words against that woman. She denies wanting to mean anything racist by any of her comments. I truly don’t believe she’s purposely racist, but I definitely think she is full of ignorance and white privilege.

Leva’s explaining her thoughts in the most concise way yet that I can actually appreciate. She thinks this could be a defining moment in Kathryn’s life if she does the work and wakes up. Fair enough. WE FLASH FORWARD SIX MONTHS LATER AND KATHRYN IS TAKING A PREGNANCY TEST! OH MY GOD!!!


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